Korato Bess, a mountaineer who died in Patagonia after an avalanche: “You Spiderman on the ice”

He tried to resist the cold, with multiple injuries (fractures) and without food, waiting for help to arrive, but may have died due to hypothermia. He did not do it Korato ‘Cora’ Pesse, An Italian mountaineer drowned in an avalanche in Patagonia, Argentina on Friday, January 27th. According to local media reports, the lifeless body of the 41-year-old came from the first place Novara40 hours later, was identified by a drone Zero Torre, Argentina in the Andes, At an altitude of more than 3 thousand meters. The search was halted yesterday due to bad weather.

Ansa was contacted by, Carolina Elbow, Argentine physician and head of the El Chalte’n Alpine Rescue Center reconstructed what happened: Bess’s body is found 50 meters slipped Under the podium he spent the night with an Argentine companion. At that altitude, and without adequate protection, hypothermia death occurs after a maximum of two hours.

“Korra”, his nickname (he worked as a mountain guide in the town of Chamonix, France), was in the company of another mountaineer. Thomas Aguillo, His climbing partner, when he was hit by an avalanche. The latter went downstairs and instead stopped waiting for help as Pesse was injured. Before doing so, he not only warned rescuers through the Reich, but also placed the 41-year-old Italian in a gap in the wall known as the “Box de los English”.

On social media, her sister Lydia comments: “I can not believe it. You took all of us. Your daughter, your grandchildren: you were and are for them Spiderman in the snow. These bulls you have created will be hard to swallow. Then in the second post he added: “My thanks to everyone who participated in it – sister writing on Facebook – and to everyone who is still intervening to rescue my brother … I would like to thank all my friends and all for what you have done for him. Thomas Roy Aguillo for saving you in his predicament … for taking care of Korra … mainly Lea … and taking care of mom and dad …. I have a new angel in heaven, I love you, I love you forever I love you … …. until we meet again “.

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From the first moment, it was very difficult to reach the place where Korato Pesci was trapped. “The news we received from Argentina confirms that Korato’s injuries were very serious. The fractures prevented him from moving. He told us he could not live long. The area where the accident took place is very dangerous and subject to continuous avalanches, ”said the guides of the Chamonix mountain, who are in contact with people in Argentina. “

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