Kovid ordered US State Department staff to leave Shanghai

China, 994 cases and more than 22,000 asymptomatic in Shanghai

In Shanghai, the number of newly confirmed cases reached 994 on Monday, while the number of asymptomatic carriers was 22,348, according to data released by local authorities. On the other hand, nationally, a total of 1,251 endemic infections have been reported in China, including 171 in Jilin, 21 in Hainan, 16 in Guangdong, 14 in Jiangsu and 11 in Zhejiang, according to updates from the National Health Commission. It also reveals 21 infections imported from it.

Of the asymptomatic, a total of 23,387, of which 23,295 were internals (598 in Jill) and 92 were foreigners. Among the Omigran variant and various subtypes, the population of Shanghai, where Kovid disease is most prevalent in China, is largely locked up, despite announcements of partial relaxation: the number of those removed from the siege is low. What initially appeared was that most of the 26 million residents were still subject to severe traffic restrictions or forced home stays.

In fact, on Monday, local authorities announced that they would ease the lock on 43% of compounds that have been detected in the past two weeks free from viral infections. However, the details released overnight included those 7,565 areas identified as not only residential complexes but also hotels, shopping malls and government buildings.

China: “US politicizes withdrawal from Shanghai”

To the extent of “politicization and exploitation of the problem”, China “strongly opposes” the US State Department’s decision to order all essential staff to leave Shanghai. This is the view expressed by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijiang, who is opposed to Beijing. “The United States must immediately stop attacking China’s anti-epidemic policy, to use the epidemic to engage in political manipulation and to defame China,” Zhao added.

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