Kovit: China, two hospitals closed in Xian due to inefficiency – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BEIJING, Jan. 13 – Two hospitals in Xi’an, China, including a hospital that refused to treat an eight-month-pregnant woman after a miscarriage, have been “closed to allow you to correct your mistakes.” .

After collecting a total of more than 2,000 infections since December 9, the capital of Shanxi has been completely paralyzed for three weeks since the outbreak of Govt., In line with the ‘zero tolerance’ strategy for the virus.

Senior health officials were forced to apologize last week following a social media report with photos and videos of a woman sitting in a pool of blood on a plastic stool outside Cox’s hospital. The negative anti-Govt test has expired, compared to the 48-hour validity period for infection.

In the incident at the second hospital, a resident said his father died last week after failing to receive medical treatment for heart disease due to “anti-infective rules”.

Both hospitals were taken over by the authorities and were forced to “suspend operations for three months in order to fix the procedures” considering the procedures could only be reopened after specific approval.

The city health commission said in a statement that “both hospitals have failed to do their part in saving lives and treating the injured.

Al Gaoxin, in particular, was ordered to suspend the general manager and lay off several staff, the president was fired at the second hospital, his deputy was suspended and the head of his clinic was fired. (Handle).

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