Kyle Shanahan points to the coveted Jimmy Garoppolo-Tree Lance score

Until a solution is found, the 49ers quarterback’s status will remain one of the top topics in the NFL’s off-season conversation.

After undergoing unexpected shoulder surgery on March 8, Jimmy Garoppolo remained on the list of 49ers even as they prepared to move into the Tri Lance era.

General Manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan were consistent with their public comments about Garoppolo’s future with the organization. They will not cut it. They have budgeted for to be on the list in 2022. Shanahan was there on Tuesday at the NFL annual meeting saying he wouldn’t say if Lance would be the start of week one if Garoppolo returned to the 49ers.

Of course, this led to fans and analysts pulling their hair out, leading to a kind of uncanny shock at the thought of 49ers hamper the development of the lance And keep him on the bench for another season in favor of Garoppolo.

But it’s not hard to decipher Shanahan’s view and desired outcome if you analyze the comments he made on Tuesday when I spoke to Bay Area reporters.

“We’re willing to do anything — the best we can do for the Niners,” Shanahan said Tuesday when asked about keeping or cutting Garoppolo. “The good thing is that we don’t have to decide that today. We try to see what’s best for the Niners, and having a good midfielder like Jimmy isn’t a bad thing. Being able to upgrade our roster by getting draft picks is really good. What is the timeline? So? It’s different when you have surgery. That’s what we all deal with. It’s really as simple as it gets.”

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It does not take a skilled investigator to analyze these comments.

Shanahan loves that the 49ers have options as it relates to Garoppolo. He sees value in the possibility of having more than one midfielder who can be trusted to start, and has the ability to keep Garoppolo if the 49ers deem it necessary. But he clearly values ​​the venture capital that 49 people hope to enter into a deal for Garoppolo more than he values ​​the return of the 30-year-old caller. See the phrases “not a bad thing” and “a really good thing.”

What is clear is that Shanahan and Lynch are trying to create influence, or at least create the illusion that they have influence. (They don’t.)

The idea that Shanahan would enjoy bringing Garoppolo back in competition or starting over for Lance is a bill of goods that the 49ers are trying to sell and no one is buying.

it’s clear Focus on bayonet.

“You have to make sure you don’t hinder his development,” Shanahan said. He knows how I feel about him. He knows what our expectations are for him. And I think he has a lot of respect for Jimmy. But the situation is clear. By undergoing surgery, which changes things.

“I think Trey would understand all of that. I didn’t have to talk to him about it. But I think it makes sense to all these guys. Trey is not an insecure guy. I think the situation makes sense. There’s nothing sneaky going on about it. And he’s confident.” .

Shanahan noted that he talks to Lance “all the time.” As for Garoppolo, not so much.

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“We don’t talk much in the off-season,” Shanahan said. “Jamie isn’t the most communicative guy.”

The 49ers aren’t trying to hide anything. There is no quarterback controversy. They won’t sideline Lance for another season just because they haven’t found a recipient for Garoppolo.

Shanahan has been infuriated over the past season by persistent questions about whether Garoppolo or Lance will start. Shanahan thought he made it clear that Garoppolo was the start so he wasn’t and infuriated him because he had to keep answering questions he felt he had already answered.

That’s why when my colleague Matt Mayoko Shanahan asked on Tuesday if Lance was the kicker, we got the typical phrase “I might not name a key player” from the 49ers head coach.

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But what he said at a different point Tuesday It tells you everything You need to know.

“That’s why we’ve looked into trading Jimmy, because we think Trey can obviously be the initiator and we’re ready to do that,” Shanahan said. “But if we can’t upgrade our squad in another way, we’ll just get rid of the good midfielder because we have other players on our list.

“It’s really hard to get back players. Some teams don’t have any at all. The fact that we have three players that are happy with them, which is a good thing. You always want to upgrade your team. We have all the players that can start. Jimmy has done a great job for us.” We brought Trey here to finally have it. I think that will be sooner rather than later.”

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The 49ers’ intention was always to hand things over to the Lance. He gave them no reason to change course, and Shanahan gave no indication that he was planning to change course. If the 49ers couldn’t trade Garoppolo, he would be on the list. Will he throw passes? Not very similar.

Shanahan told us what the plan was. All you have to do is listen.

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