“Laugh, laugh as much as you can. We will find you …”. The attack on the Russian was live

Military action carried out by Russia TowardsUkraine Has consistently occupied a large place in public debate. Is it right to send arms to Ukraine or is it risking further escalation of the conflict? Was Vladimir Putin a war criminal or was his actions motivated by Kiev’s persistent mistakes and provocations? Meanwhile, the civilian population continues to suffer and there is little hope of reaching a close ceasefire, as negotiations have not yet produced a fruitful mediated decision.

In the last episode there was a direct confrontation over the issue in question It is not an arenaThe show, hosted by Massimo Cleti, aired Sunday evening La7: The causes of the conflict and the reaction of the West found their place in the center of the show, which inevitably sparked a very heated debate among the guests who immediately took completely opposing positions.

The Russian press debate erupted Alexei Poprovsky Issued a series of statements in his own language, provoked by a Ukrainian reporter Vladislav Maistrouk (This was answered in Russian). “Congratulations, you are hurting me in Russian on Italian TV. I congratulate you …Russian journalist accuses Ukrainian reporter of “utterance”

At the time Maistrouk spoke Italian and used very harsh words towards Poprovsky, using very high tones to pledge the war against those responsible for the military conflict. The reporter pointed to those behind what is happening in Ukraine, the propagandists and perpetrators of crimes against Ukrainian citizens: “You have to be afraid until the last day of your miserable existence“.

Maistrouk immediately increased the dose and took it privately with Russian journalist Alexei Poprovsky, meanwhile he laughed: “Laugh as much as you can, you will not laugh anymore. Fear until the end of your days, because we will find all, and we will punish you, and you will understand Dostoevsky’s lesson on crime and punishment.“Russian journalist branded Pucha’s horrific pictures as false and unreliable:”They do not correspond to reality. You can see that they are living bodies, not solid bodies. As the convoy passes by, on the right, the man who appeared to be dead wakes up“.

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