“Let me tell you why Putin’s days are numbered …”

How long will the siege of the Russian army last?Ukraine? The answer depends on many factors, including the economic situation involved Russia. Yes, because of the military aspect, and closely linked to it, we need to consider Moscow’s ability to pump resources into a more complex mission than expected. ApparentlyVladimir Putin Will be in trouble. At least as far as the home facade is concerned.

Putin in trouble?

Well, the opinions of analysts here differ. Among the most interesting and significant, we find analysis Vladimir Milov. An economist and a close ally of Navalny (a well-known opponent of Putin), he firmly believes that the Kremlin leader is no more. resources The war must continue. “It should stop in three weeks“The expert forecast is that in the not too distant future, Russia will face a worse economic crisis than it did in 1991,” he said.

They still do not understand …“Milov pointed out immediately during an interview with the La Stampa newspaper.”Russia is mired in an economic crisis that will only get worse than in 1991. We will give more to it Two to three weeks To understand the reality: there is no evidence for it to continue the war“The sanctions imposed on Moscow by the West will, in fact, slow down the Russian economy,” he said.

The economy in trouble

We used the condition because apparently at least one or two reservations are to be dissolved. First: In the (possible) case The China Putin, who has transformed the entire Western world in terms of economy and trade, is not going to sink. Second: Milo’s hypothesis is still one of the most debated in the field of education. “Sanctions will have a devastating effect on Russia, Putin has taken a “very long step”.He announced.

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The Russian president did not expect such a conclusive response from the West. He did not expect his intentions to be severely tested by the reality of the facts. Therefore, Putin is likely to be present Unresolved difficulties, May not be satisfied with the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the ground. At that time, in fact, the Russian leader should try to turn the end of the war into a personal victory. Milov even seems to be spreading a sense of fear among his closest collaborators. Moreover, Putin would have known about this.The state of the economy and the armed forces“.

Moscow’s next moves

Based on this reconstruction, Navalny’s collaborator went even further and went beyond mere military predictions. Putin’s elite in Russia “This will stop the government system and the economy from running with a fantastic excuse“What? They’ve all blaming Obstacles. Finally, with regard to Putin’s mental health, the leader of the Milov Kremlin does not think he is completely crazy. “He is a surviving instinctHe declared.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine continues unabated and Putin, at least with his latest statements, seems to have no intention of giving up. Moscow’s obligation is one: complete the mission and achieve all the objectives. Whether Putin miscalculated or not will be known in the next few days.

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