Letter in blood from the army from Odessa: ‘No-fly area now’ / EXCLUSIVE – WORLD

To fill Mikewell, he used a dozen tubes, twelve tubes from his soldiers, because there was so much to write about, but the main idea of ​​the letter, signed by Wakapov, commander of the Odessa division of the Ukrainian army, was only one: “We are dying to protect you, we will not fly too soon, we will close the sky.”

Vagapov accuses Vladimir Putin of “attacking Ukraine because the Nazis invaded Ukraine”, saying the letter, received exclusively by the ANSA, would be sent to the European Court of Human Rights in the next few days and several copies would be handed over to European presidents. The Soviet Union, treacherously “.” As for Russia (which is not mentioned in capital letters), Ukraine has become a firing range for our citizens to test their weapons. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians have fired 467 missiles and carried out 1804 air strikes. It is the cities of our country that bring to our soil those who speak of love between fraternal races, of fear, of tears, of death. ” “We want the whole world to understand that Russia will not stop, but will make further progress by occupying Moldova, Poland and the Baltic. This is a threat to Europe as a whole. Today Ukraine is the only dam opposed to Putin. Puts in color.

A plea written directly in the blood “Because we are fighting against the aggression against you, but giving our lives, Ukraine needs your help, our army needs heavy weapons, Ukraine’s cities and villages have the sky above them, must be protected”, repeating the signatories with three drops of blood Do it. Meanwhile, the center of Odessa is increasingly intimidated, with the streets of the center inaccessible and shop windows covered with wooden planks and signs for air raid shelters. The city’s electricity company DTEK has warned that the Malinowski district has been without electricity since yesterday due to infrastructure damage caused by Russian missiles. Andre, who protects the sandbags that protect the walls of the opera house, chooses the most harmless ‘Richard’ as his name and says he “expects an attack at any moment”.

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Ever since watching the videos of the Pucha massacre, he still could not sleep, watching the sea from the top of Bottemkin’s stairs to “see if photographs of Russian ships appeared”. “We are ready to die, but we still need weapons,” explains Sergey Brodsuk, a spokeswoman for Odessa’s Civil Forces. “The biggest threat is coming from the sea. We need anti-ship missiles and mines. Events these days show that we can defeat the Russians. Give us weapons. Putin will stop him.”

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