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Explosion destroys island – In terms, this type of eruption is defined by the word “breath-magmatic” and they are very dangerous because they are caused by direct contact between magma and water from the ocean, lake or groundwater. As far as Hanga Tonga is concerned, the direct contact with the sea magma caused unprecedented levels of violent eruption paroxysm compared to the nuclear explosion. After the eruption there was almost nothing on the island of Hanga Tonga, the whole central area actually erupted, leaving a large vacuum now occupied by the sea.

The shock wave traveled across the planet- The eruption released a huge amount of energy, which spread in a ring around the world. The shock wave in the free air traveled at a speed of 1000 km per hour, rather than sound, so that the sound effect (Bang Sonito) was felt at a distance of a thousand kilometers, which caused the overall barometer. Some HPA’s planet is recorded upwards and by all control units:

Explosive cloud reaches stratosphere – Pushed up to the cloud of the exploding passage 40 km high, Enters the troposphere and into the stratosphere and produces beyond it 200,000 lightning in 24 hours! It’s been days Monte Pinatubo in 1991 No such powerful explosion was observed.

TsunamiTsunami waves Volcanic eruptions are very different from underwater earthquakes. They are short in length (some ten to a hundred meters), but they are very large. They are basically the big “Cavalloni”. In the text they are called “.Solitons“Precisely because of a paradoxical and lonely nature. It is estimated that the tsunami waves reached a height in the catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, which killed 35,000 people. 30 meters. The only advantage of this type of tsunami is that the water wall does not progress much inland, thus causing the greatest damage near the coastline like a major storm. All Pacific, Not only a place south of the volcano, but also a part of the central and north The tsunami wave passed With definite consequences. Floats across the sector recorded sudden differences in height from a few ten centimeters to a few meters, with a maximum ceiling of 2.5 meters. The waves collided Off the coast of neighboring Tonga, South America, California and Chile. Significant damage, Not serious and fortunately no injuries or injuries were reported. The threatening sound of warning sirens alerted all residents to stay away from the beach. Nevertheless, in some areas, people do not prepare themselves.

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The activity of the volcano began A series of eruptions in a very peaceful manner on December 20 and then in early January affected the region, and finally today, January 15, paroxysm shook the entire Pacific.

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