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Ukraine appeals against Kodakan arms shipment order: ‘illegal secrecy’

– Kodakons yesterday evening announced the cancellation of appeals by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, materials and equipment. In the document exclusively reviewed by Adnkronos, the authorization for this transfer was first mentioned as “Article 2 bis of Legislative Order No. 14 of 2022, in the absence of prior action to the Chambers’ address”. In fact the chambers were provided for the sale of these military means in support of the Ukrainian authorities. “The action of this address underscores the Kodakans.” Accepted in this case are recalled. Therefore, the above Ministries, Legislative Order no. 14/2022, among other things, is a clear violation of articles. Articles 97, 70 and 77 of the Constitution are devoted to the Chambers, respectively, and to the Government in cases of necessity and urgency. The government has ordered the transfer of military equipment. The Consumers’ Association insists that “no decision has been made on the state of war in the national territory required for art, given there. The classification or secrecy of the document, which must contain a list of mere security mechanisms and materials transferred to Ukraine, must be transferred to Ukraine.” Not a list of equipment, otherwise there is no reason to hide it from secrecy, but Italy is in a state of war, the result of which has not been formally discussed by the violators: Art. 78 of the Constitution and the Principles of Transparency “.

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