London now opposes compensation –

From Andrea Marinelli

Some British lawmakers say the money, stolen by three former bosses from a financial institution controlled by the Russian central bank since 2014, could finance Putin’s “special” military operation.

“Hope is like me,” argued Bruce Willis, following a car ad and roof rescue in a popular ad aired in Russia in 2011. “It’s just a bank.” Says this is an exceptional marketing campaign DefenderThis enhanced the reputation of the National Bank Trust and increased its revenue: only, Bruce Willis’ card outline sprouted on 400 branches Scattered throughout Russia, the organization was organized by top officials of the financial institution The biggest scam worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Now – more than a decade ago and the majority now in the hands of the Russian central bank – it is a dark story that is intertwined. Penalties imposed Then by the British Government The beginning of Vladimir Putin’s “special” military operation.

At material time, the majority were conducted by Ilya Eurov (Chairman of the Oversight Committee), Nikolai Fedisov (Chairman of the Company) and Sergei Belyov. He organized a bankrupt loan fraud and spent millions of dollars on employee pay and bonuses.. At the same time, a British fixer by the name of Benedict Worsley – described as “an avid James Bond” – operated and established the bank’s maritime operations. A “factory of false documents” in Cyprus was used to divert funds. In 2014 – three years after the deal with the unknown Bruce Willis – the plan exploded, the bank collapsed and Moscow was forced to intervene by investing 100 billion rubles to save it, about one and a half billion euros: This ended the ownership of the Russian Central Bank.

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Eurov and Fedisov argued that the maritime operations were not illegal, adding that Belyov was unaware of the fraud, and Worsley was not called to testify, but only that. All management decisions are made by the owners or managers of the company. In 2018, Moscow asked for a balance for the euro, but the British government did not grant it because he would not get a fair trial. In January 2020, The High Court in London has ruled that the bank should receive a maximum of 35 735 million in compensation The three owners involved (65 865 million), meanwhile, have reached a legal agreement: Fedichov and Eurov in Great Britain, Belau in the US.

The National Bank Trust is therefore seeking compensation, But the 2014 ownership change now complicates the solution even more. All three have millionaire assets in Britain, Cyprus and Russia, but The money recovered will actually end up directly in the treasury of the Russian state, Putin is going to finance the war in Ukraine. British MPs have been pushing for this Impose sanctions on the company. “The government must reassure the British people Barriers are used Without exception, the Kremlin’s friends, and the National Bank Foundation are in no position to fund Putin’s war effort, ”said Christine Jordin, spokeswoman for the British Liberal Democrats at the Treasury. “If so – it should be allowed immediately,” he added.

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