Macron is ahead of the breath, the majority in danger

We will have to wait another 7 days to find out who has the majority strength in the French parliament. With the lowest turnout ever in history, the key to success really lies

“Votes Balance”

Every party can count on it. Traditionally, the ballots in the French legislature have been more on the side of the central parties, as in the current case, they have two “extreme” parties on the left and the right.

“We need something

Strong and clear majority

“Elizabeth Bourne has been appointed by the Coalition Committee! After the election, she speaks calmly on behalf of the government coalition.

Macron’s government could be “crippled” if it negotiates with other powers in parliament, analysts say. Assuming the first opposition group is a left-wing coalition, it will have exactly the opposite ambition in retirement: the retirement age should be lowered from the current 62 to 60. But the last word will come with a second round next Sunday. To get an absolute majority, Macron must cross 289 seats. During his first term, Macron won an overwhelming majority of 341 seats in the National Assembly.

Mellonson: “Macron’s party defeated, we are in the lead”

“By the end of this first round, the people of Novel Union are leading in more than 500 constituencies in the second round.” This is the view of Nupes Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the left-wing coalition quoted by the French media. “The presidential party was defeated at the end of the first round. For the first time in the Fifth Republic, the newly elected president failed to get a majority in the legislative elections,” Mலlenchon continues, appealing to voters ahead of time. Next Sunday’s poll: “I invite people to come out next Sunday, considering this decision and the extraordinary opportunity it presents for our personal lives and the fate of our common homeland.”

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Le Pen goes to the polls at the polling station where he applied –

The leader of the Rassemblement National Marine Le Pen will go to the second round of the assembly election with 55% of the vote in the Pass-de-Calais constituency. The former presidential nominee urged voters not to choose from “destroyers from above and destroyers from below” in the constituencies facing President Emmanuel Macron and the candidates of the New Environmental Association next Sunday. Coalition uniting the major left-wing parties.

Le Pen: “The important thing is not to give Macron a majority” –

“I want to thank the national electorate, especially the electorate of Pass-de-Calais in the 11th district, which received 55% of the vote,” Marine Le Pen quoted the French media as saying, “I urge everyone. Provides the ability to send to the legislature. ”It is important not to vote for Emmanuel Macron next Sunday. If you allow it, you will have to enter a tunnel that has not been lit for five years, ”he said.

Jemmoor expelled from first round of assembly –

A sharp blow to Eric Zemmour, a former far-right policymaker of the Reconquete movement, who was ousted in the first round of assembly elections in Var, a department of Saint-Tropez in the south of France. Zemmour was already defeated last April in the presidential election that led to the victory of Emmanuel Macron. “The results did not live up to our expectations, but we have a flag in every constituency in France,” the defeated candidate commented.

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