Macron is leading in the election in France. Vote with Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron is in the lead in the first round of the French presidential election. Although the area results, after counting 96% of the eligible categories, 27.41% for the outgoing president (the turnout was 25.5%) and Marine Le Pen 24.03% (23.5% of the vote indicated online), many votes from the big cities are still missing. On April 24, both rivals will compete again for the Elysee victory, as they did in 2017.

Other candidates

Third is former Left Socialist Jean-Luc Mèlenchon, leader of La France Insoumise, with 21.57% (polls put the figure at 17.2%). Eric Zemmor polled 6.97% (9.3% of the vote), neo-galist Valerie Begresse 4.75% (8.3% of the vote), and ecologist Yannick Jadot 4, 49% (5% of the vote). Socialist Anne Hildalco, the mayor of Paris, was overtaken by the Communists with 1.74% (polled 2%), and some “minor” candidates, such as the Conservative Jean Lassall of the Resistance 3.25% and Fabian Roussell 2.33%. Another extreme right-wing movement is Nicolas DuPont-Ignon of France 2.12%.
Long live the disappointment at Mன்சlenchon’s headquarters, which was actually targeted for a second round among the Socialists, the historic downturns and the Republicans. “I’m sure we’ll win soon,” Zemmour admitted, “making some mistakes.”

Macron is also present on the ballot

The first opinion polls in the second round, which were released after the polls closed, yielded different results: Ifop-Fiducial Macron 51% and Le Pen 49%, the most uncertain face-to-face; Ipsos Sopra-Steria and OpinionWay, on the other hand, give 54% to the outgoing president and 46% to the far-right candidate. The margin of error is 3%.

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Voting in Le Touquet and Moscow

On the English Channel, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, where Macron resides, the outgoing president received 55.8% of the vote (up from 30% in 2017), followed by Zemmour (11.6%), Pécresse (11.3%) and Le Pen (10.7%) and Mன்சlenchon (3.9%). At the French Embassy in Moscow, on the other hand, Zemmour won with 26.8%, followed by Macron (23.2%), Le Pen (20.8%) and Mélenchon (13.4%).

Macron: “Let’s find something new”

“We are not in any illusion, nothing is final,” Macron said in a speech at his headquarters. “The discussion we have in the next fortnight will be decisive for our country and for Europe,” he added, adding that “France is a country that continues to believe in science, rationality and efficiency as we have done in recent years.” He appealed to other candidates to create “a great movement of unity and action” and said he was “ready to invent something new to unite different beliefs and sensibilities.”

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