Maddie’s photo burger ad: “Sandwiches are so good, you leave your kids at home”

(More) Hunger for money. Sell ​​a man his hamburgers Joe ScholyThe 29-year-old owner of Takeout Sandwich in Leeds, Audley Burger Company, Posted shameful advertising without any recognition (and without a sense of limit). She used Maddie MacCann’s mother image – The girl was abducted in 2007 in Portugal – In a TV studio and with a daughter’s photo creepy phrase: “If there are burgers, you will leave your children at home. What could be worse than this. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there”.

The first commercials came out in March: hamburger and kidnapped baby, what could go wrong? For several days the matter was quiet. One would suddenly realize that this combination, the infamous slogan, could not bear to use the photo of the most sadly famous woman in England. Maddie was the protagonist of an unprecedented media campaign in the UK. The affair has filled newspapers and television and talk shows for years. The woman was reported in several places. Maddie’s name can be found on millions of web pages. For the first time, however, it was paired with a slice of meat, two slices of bread and a little melted cheese. Joe Scholey tried to use a famous name and face Asa (Advertising Standards Authority) has not received thousands of complaints and grievances and has therefore ordered the relevant social sites to remove that content.

The owner of the company already had audible stunts: he released a picture of a mother pretending her daughter had been abducted, and shared posts with pictures of the killers on Father’s Day. And he did not apologize or back down: al Leeds Live He said he only thinks about money and that it does not matter if “people are hurt”. He was not even full.

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