“Mandatory vaccination is not the most effective way”

Events and Passes – On Saturday, about 100,000 people protested in Paris against the government’s actions. “We selected the Health Pass and then the Vaccine Pass, and we confirm that,” Attle said. People in France currently have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter restaurants, bars or regional trains, but as cases increase, parliament is debating whether to exclude the tests.

No obligation – “After the Health Pass announcement, 12 million French people went to get vaccinated,” he recalled, “when we announced the conversion of the health card into a vaccination card, we saw a new increase.” Attlee reiterated that the compulsory vaccination strategy was “not very effective” and that “we do not see a sharp increase in vaccinations like in France” in selected countries.

Infections are on the decline in Great Britain – Meanwhile, in Great Britain, the decline in epidemics continues for the fifth day in a row after a high of more than 200,000 recorded on Tuesday. There are 141,472 new cases, five thousand less than on Saturday. This is according to a bulletin by London’s health officials, which put the death toll at 97 in the last 24 hours and 313 the previous day, surpassing 150,000.

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