Massacre at an elementary school in Wolta, Texas, 21 people die – world

The United States is shocked by the massacre at the elementary school WoldeIn Texas. 19 children and two adults, including a teacher, were killed in the cold blood In class with an 18-year-old boy, Salvador Ramos. A massacre that extends bloodshed in the United States, which has seen more than 200 mass shootings since the beginning of this year.

The children who were killed in the shooting and the two teachers were in the same class, the fourth class (usually attended by students). 9-10 years): CNN reports.

The killer was an 18-year-old man with no criminal record and no known mental health problems. He used an AR-15 rifle and the only “sign” of a massacre on the horizon was on Facebook, where he wrote, “30 minutes before I got to school: I was going to shoot my grandmother. Then he wrote: I shot my grandmother, 15 minutes before the massacre.” He added: “I’m going to shoot at an elementary school.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the killer shot his grandmother in the face and fled. He then went to elementary school, then entered through the door.

He shook openly, with tears in his eyes, Joe Biden He addresses Americans and Congress and calls for action on weapons. “We can and should do more. It’s time to turn the pain into action,” Biden said as she returned from her trip with Asia and the First Lady to confront the arms lobby. Jill Biden Dressed in black.

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Speaking of another “massacre”, the president defines himself as “tired and angry” and addresses Americans directly: “Why do we want to live with this massacre? Why do we allow this to continue? Where is heaven? Ours? The backbone?”. So appeal to the general knowledge rules about weapons to avoid such tragedies. “Don’t tell me we can’t have an impact on these massacres,” he adds. The vice president echoes him Kamala Harris: “When it’s too much, we must act now”. Heavy words will also come Barack ObamaPresident during the 2012 Sandy Hooke assassination. “Michelle and I are with Woldeau’s family. But we are angry too”: Ten years have passed since Newtown, and “our country is paralyzed not by fear, but by the armed forces. Also, a political party that is not prepared to take action to prevent these tragedies. Time is running out, ” Obama says bluntly.

The powerful NRA gun lobby has removed itself from any responsibility for the horrific Texas massacre, condemning “the act of an isolated and harassed criminal.” US President Joe Biden, “disgusted and exhausted” by the series of shootings, said Tuesday night: “For God’s sake, when are we going to engage in gun lobbying?”

The Dynamics – Democrats are angry that it is not yet clear what happened. The killer first shot his grandmother and then crashed into a car near Rob Elementary School. He got out of the car with a gun and bulletproof vest and tried to enter the school despite the siege of some agents: once in the building he opened fire in some classrooms. The boy was then detained by police and killed on the spot.

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Who is the killer – Not much is known about Ramos: he was a high school student in the area, and shortly before the assassination he contacted a stranger on Instagram and said he had a secret he wanted to share: “About me …”. However, he did not admit to the little girl what a crazy gesture he had in mind and what he had finished a few hours later. On his Instagram account, the killer posted a selfie and photos of weapons, one of which is two guns in a row. It is unknown at this time what he meant by assassination. It is known that the boy bought two guns for his 18th birthday.

The massacre took place two days before the end of the school year in the Hispanic-majority area, and just days before the annual conference of the National Rifle Association, a powerful arms lobby. The appointment Friday in Houston, Texas, will be followed by mourning for the children who were killed, and speeches by Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott. Now Abbott has recently been criticized for softening gun laws. A tweet from him reappeared in 2015, in which he called on Texans to run and buy weapons. “It’s embarrassing. Texas is second only to California in buying new guns. Soon,” he tweeted. The assassination has already rekindled the debate over weapons in the midst of the primary election campaign ahead of the midterm elections. However, since the assassinations over the years could not overcome the stalemate of Congress, it was not taken for granted that this speed would be translated into action.

Waiting families Authorities have not yet notified all parents of their children’s deaths in the Texas elementary school shooting because DNA tests are ongoing. CNN reports citing some sources that some of the children injured in the shooting in Texas have not yet been reunited with their families.

Pope Dear – “My heart is broken by the massacre at an elementary school in Texas. I pray for the children, the adults who were killed, and their families. It’s time to say enough for the blind arms smuggling!”. Pope Francis said this at the end of the General Assembly.

Weapons Reform – Democrats push for gun reform after elementary school shooting in Texas. Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer wants to dust off measures already blocked by Republicans in the past and force them to vote in the coming days on measures to tighten restrictions on arms buyers. The House already approved two measures last year, but the Senate has not yet acted. Now the Liberals’ hope is that in light of the new massacre, and the growing consensus of Americans for more stringent sanctions, the measures could be recognized in a bilateral way. Recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans support rigorous background checks on gun buyers.

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