Massacre in Belgium, car crash cuts: 6 dead, two young men from Aguirre on the wheel

Two young men, aged 32 and 34, were precisely members of the committee for the massacre of the festival in the village of Strappi-Brockvignis in the province of La Louvir in Belgium. Six people were killed and 27 were injured when a car carrying the two crashed into a crowd, ten of them critically. All of the affected Belgians have surnames of Italian descent, so it is not excluded that some have dual citizenship: they are Friedrich de Andrea, Fred Cicero, Lore Carra, Mario Cascarno, Michela and Salvador Imperial. Among the injured was the councilor of La Louiere Antonio Gava, who suffered a broken leg and sprained knee.
The dramatic investment has not yet been described. Both La Louvière residents born to immigrant parents are aged 32 and 34, and they have been arrested. According to local press reports, driver Pavlo Falcone had toxicology tests. His cousin Nino Falcone in a big black BMW car.

Mgr Damien Verheyen’s deputy attorney explained that it was not even clear if it was a voluntary gesture and that an investigation into the murder would be conducted.

However, several witnesses said the car started at full speed and entered the crowd and did not attempt to brake.

“The procession was made up of 150-200 people – said La Louiere Jack Cobert Meyer – and while walking in Saint-Julien, it split in two to reach the city center in Rue des Canadians. “,” A disaster “.

Carnival celebrations were suspended immediately, the first after a two-year suspension imposed by the epidemic. The Strepy-Bracquegnies event opens at 4 a.m. with the opening of a house-to-house Gilles crowd of traditional local festival masks. The car collided with a cheering crowd at about 5 p.m. The worst-injured were taken to hospitals in Charleroi and Mons, the capital of Walloon province in Hainat.

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Others were brought to the Municipal Sports Hall, where a relief center was set up for the families of the victims, and King Philip arrived in the afternoon with Princess Elizabeth and Prime Minister Alexander de Groo to greet relatives for a moment. Redeemers.

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