May 9 – Red across Moscow for the parade

From Marco Imaricio, our correspondent in Moscow

Bars decorated with experiments, flags and posters in the sky: “It looks like it’s back in the days of the Soviet Union.” Beyond the dance setting, the date may indicate the end of a “special operation” and the beginning of a “battle” and receive more people and money.

Comrades from Irish Pub have been ordered to remove that greenery from the window. The capital letters of Joyce’s descent name are Bono’s Silhouette from U2, and when we are, four leaf clover. At most, they can paint it red: It should be the color of the capital for the parade on May 9th.

Moscow, what an attempt. In the morning, military planes fly in the skyRecreates Z-shaped structure, Symbol of special military action. Meanwhile, the army occupies the city for night raids and cuts it in two. Every shop now has a celebratory tool, and the Muscovite police insisted that they rush to display posters and logos that appear to date from the time of the great patriotic victory. Mikhail, the owner of a restaurant in Pushkinskaya who was not even born during the Great Depression of the early 1980s, says, “We have seen many hammers and sickles since the Brezhnev era.”

We are in the area where people went to look for signs of dissent at the beginning of the special military operation., Protests to become mass, we know how it went. The military is now keen to check whether Mayakovsky’s statue in the square of the same name is erected with red flags made of yellow gold. Nevertheless, every May 9th mother, too, is more important and sacred than the seventy-year-old It has its beautiful contradictions. It will take place in 28 different cities, with a total of 65,000 players taking part. The most important parade, in Red Square, will have only 129 vehicles marching in 2021 compared to 191 vehicles, there was already a smaller version due to the Govt. Ten thousand people, including the Cossacks, would march, but the previous year there were two thousand.

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This is not a question of the desire to save, so the Kremlin argues, but the rise of temperance at that time. Special military action is not a war, it is forbidden to call it, but Putin may declare war after two months of fighting. Something very different from the possibility of a public mobilization that was strictly excluded by its spokesman Dmitry Pesco. Last February 23 the same person always vehemently rejected the notion of an immediate invasion of Ukraine. This may be an intermediate step, Systematizing the ongoing conflict will allow more people and funds to be used. Everyone is talking about this, even on state television, May 9 has become a date with almost mesionic value. Besides the parade, red ribbons and old photographs of Red Army soldiers entering Berlin.

There is an inescapable concern from the loyal public opinion of the Kremlin this year. The day of the big victory may have declared a small victory and appeased it.. Some symptoms are already present. Yesterday afternoon Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu caused a stir that was already felt. In front of his staff, he announced that he was live on every possible channelMariupol is under Russian control, Except for “some Nazi remains” trapped in the Azovstal factory. These are the same words he used during his meeting with Putin on April 21st. Maybe they insist on Mariupol because there is nothing else to feast on. Well-known military sources said that Shoiku had told the president on the same day that he could not keep his promise to seize Donetsk and Lukansk by May 7.

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In the meantime, there is only one thing The difference between the real economy and the Kremlin’s perception. Restaurants are getting empty. The ruble fluctuates like food prices in supermarkets. Those from the Fox-Irish bubble began to close in the evening. Moscow red from head to toe. But not all the devices that shine in Red Square are gold.

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