Minnesota Twins acquire Baltimore Orioles closer to Jorge Lopez for four possibilities

The Baltimore Orioles are vying for a spot, but that hasn’t stopped them from letting players go on the trade deadline this season. After a day of trading Tree Mancini To the Houston Astros, the Oriole was traded closer Jorge Lopez To the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday.

The Orioles received four minor league pitchers: left-handed Cady Povich, right-handed javelin Illuminate Kanoright diluted Juan Nunez and left hand Juan Rojas.

Lopez has 19 saves and is 4-6 with 1.68 ERA. He has 54 strikes in 48 runs this season.

Emilio Bagan Leading the Twins with nine saves this season, followed by Johan Doran Six.

AL Central’s leading twins (54-48) lead in one game over the Cleveland Guardians who enter Tuesday’s games. The Orioles (52-51) have been the surprise of the season and are just two and a half games away from the last place of the championship.

Povich, 22, a third-round pick of the 2021 draft, is 6-8 with a 4.46 ERA in 16 starts for High-A Cedar Rapids this season. Kano, 28, is 1-0 with 9.22 ERA in 13⅔ innings in the Grand Prix this season and 1-1 with 1.90 ERA in 23⅔ innings at Triple-A St. Paul. Nunez, 26, is 4-2 with a 3.49 ERA in 28⅓ rounds at the top A-level this season. Rojas, 18, is 1-2 with a 3.60 ERA in eight games (six starts) over the 30-round Florida Complex.

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