January 4, 2019 Property

Montreux Healthcare Fund acquires Chester Healthcare Limited

The Montreux Healthcare Fund has completed the purchase of Chester Healthcare Limited (CHL), a Healthcare agency staffing business with coverage spanning the North West and South West of England.
The acquisition will allow Active Assistance to employ a more flexible staffing model across the business and CHL’s global reach will provide some mitigation of post-Brexit staffing risk. Adding an additional c.£1m EBITDA to Active Assistance, with broader scope to expand the businesses further, CHL will provide a platform with which to build a business that can serve the whole group. This is a strategic purchase that will allow for more flexible staffing throughout the Active group, dramatically reducing agency usage and providing considerable upside for Active Assistance. There are a large amount of synergy savings and value add opportunities by bolting on Chester Healthcare and it opens up an avenue of recruiting highly qualified nurses from around the globe.
Oliver Harris, CEO, Montreux Capital Management stated: “The purchase of Chester Healthcare Limited is a good strategic acquisition for Active Assistance as it will allow the business to have access to a flexible staffing pool at much lower cost than most of its competitors. We feel that the acquisition will help with the staffing headwinds which might occur post-Brexit and that, more importantly, the integration of this business will increase Active Assistance’s appeal upon exit.”


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