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Tensions between Islamic Jihad and Israel show no sign of easing with a second day of fighting between rockets and raids. The death toll on the Strip has reached 24, with more than 100 injured. Among the victims, at least 5 – among them, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, including children – were caused by an explosion in Jabalya, north of the Strip. While Palestinian media blamed the Israeli air force for the attack, the army denied any wrongdoing, blaming it on a jihadist “erroneous rocket” that landed in the area. Also, the same military spokesman noted that the attack was carried out two hours earlier than the last attack in the area. Meanwhile, the strip thermal power station is down due to shortage of diesel, and hospitals are facing difficulties due to the closure of crossings.

The general count of the dead included two women: the youngest, 23, was killed in a damaged house in Khan Yunis, south of Palestine; Israel – which arrested 19 members of Jihad in the West Bank last night – was showered with mortar shells and rockets from Gaza, which, for the first time, hit the urban outskirts of Tel Aviv. At least 380 were counted by the army – mainly in southern Israel – in about 24 hours of conflict: 120 were intercepted by Ion Dome’s security system, and 90 fell within the same area. At the moment the lifting of the embargo is unlikely: the military has calculated a week of operations and Prime Minister Yair Lapid has convened the defense cabinet with army chiefs to review the status of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ operation launched yesterday. Defense Secretary Benny Gantz was more circumspect and warned that even foreign leaders of Islamic Jihad – notoriously linked to Iran – would “pay the price” for attacks against Israel. “Jihad’s leaders – underlined Gantz as potential targets – frequent restaurants and hotels in Tehran, Syria and Lebanon abroad”. However, there are two factors that could influence the comparison: First, Hamas – which rules Gaza – has not yet taken part in the conflict: not a single rocket – experts observed – has been launched from its launch pad. The second is linked to possible Egyptian mediation: representatives of that country’s secret services – ANSA learned in Cairo – “made various contacts between the Israelis and Palestinians in order to implement a ceasefire” and a new full-scale conflict. Egypt has repeatedly been a decisive factor in previous wars between Gaza and Israel. The reality is that if both factors fail, the crisis will trigger a wider conflict. In Israel, the entire south is in the grip of missiles, people are forced to run to shelters: there have been no casualties so far due to the coverage of the Iron Dome, but only those injured during the race to the anti-missile bunkers. Suffered from a panic attack. To put the situation in perspective, tomorrow evening’s friendly match between Juventus and Atletico Madrid in Tel Aviv was canceled by the organizers and moved to Turin due to “security tensions in southern Israel”. The EU said it was following “the latest developments in Gaza with great concern” and called for “maximum restraint from all parties to avoid further escalation and other casualties”. “While Israel – EU External Action Service (Seae) spokesman Peter Stano – has the right to protect its citizens, it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent a wider conflict”.

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