‘Moscow can move nuclear weapons near US coast’ – World

Russia can move its nuclear weapons by recreating a scene that triggered the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and placing them far from the US coast. This is one of the measures proposed by the Russian authorities, according to the New York Times. Negotiations between Moscow and the West took place last week if Vladimir Putin’s demands were not met. “Some of its officials have suggested that Russia’s security interests could be pursued in a variety of ways,” the NYT said in a statement.

The New York Times points out that Putin “pointed out this approach” last year, warning that if the West crossed the “red line” the reaction would be unpredictable. In fact, Putin himself suggested last November that Russia could deploy hypersonic submarine-launched missiles within striking distance of Washington.

The Russian president has repeatedly stressed that the possibility of Western military expansion into Ukraine poses an unacceptable risk, as it could be used to carry out nuclear attacks against Moscow with a few minute cautions. Russia may have done the same.

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