Moscow: “Destroy all Ukrainian troops in Mariupol”. Kiev’s denial: “This is a lie.” Zhelensky is ready to end the talks

The Ukrainian Security Council called the announcement of the capture of Moscow Mariupol “false.” “The Russian Defense Ministry is spreading false news that its army has destroyed Mariupol militants from the Azov regiment,” reads a note from the Ukrainian Anti-False Information Center. “Ukrainian forces continue to defend Mariupol”, but the Russian Defense Ministry has already announced that the entire city of Mariupol has been completely destroyed by Azov militants, foreign mercenaries and armed forces. We warn you: this is false news!. In the last few hours, the Russian Ministry of Defense was informed by the Russian agency Tax“The city of Mariupol was declared completely destroyed by all the militants Azov Battalion, Foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian troops. A scene from the “destruction” of Ukrainian forces defending the city of Mariupol, according to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zhelensky It will mark the “end of the Kiev talks with Russia”. “The Russians rounded up all the men in Mariupol and transferred them to the village of Pesimanne in Donetsk, which they control,” local officials told the agency. UNIANTheir documents said the “new order is pending”.

Zhelensky announced that the two countries involved in the conflict in recent days were negotiating the fate of Mariupol and that the Russians were at the table demanding surrender. But Kiev did not want to accept, fearing that it would eventually lead to the massacre of Ukrainian soldiers. Pedro Andriyushchenko, adviser to the city mayor, wrote in the telegram: “They are ‘cleaning’ our people, we have the first confirmation”. On April 13, was in the Kremlin Demanded Mariupol captured the port, declaring that “the Azov battalion was surrounded.” A few hours ago, the Russian Defense Ministry announced 1026 soldiers surrendered Of the 36th Regiment of Ukraine in the city. Kiev proved wrong.

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