Moscow threatens Vilnius: “Reopen Kaliningrad”. Rocket rain on Odessa

New chapter of tension between E And opened west around Kaliningrad, a Russian settlement located between Poland and Poland Lithuania, So squeezed between NATO territories. Vilnius authorities have decided to prevent Russian trains carrying certain types of goods from entering the border. And this Kremlin He called the decision “hostile” and “provocative” and said that if the action was not withdrawn, Russia would “take action to protect its own interests.” The warning was issued by the Moscow Foreign Ministry, which summoned officials from the Lithuanian embassy.
Now, with some exaggeration due to the campaign, the scene lends itself to provoking Soviet history (from Leningrad to Stalingrad), the siege of Russia and the tragic siege of nationalist sentiment. Gabriel Landsbergis, the diplomatic leader of Vilnius, explained that his government had done nothing but use the EU-imposed sanctions on the invasion of Ukraine. Confirmation by EU High Representative Joseph Borel.


These control measures are expected to affect about 50% of the products shipped from Russia Kaliningrad, Starting with steel. However, Lithuanian clarifications were not enough to quell Russian anger. Vilnius decided, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Which is “unprecedented” and above all “illegal” because it violates the 2022 agreement between Russia and the European Union. So the situation is “very serious” and Moscow will study in depth the counter measures. For now, the Russian Baltic Fleet – headquartered in Kaliningrad – has announced that it will launch new military maneuvers in the region using several Grod and Uragan rocket launchers.
Ukraine fully supports Vilnius’ initiative. “Russia has no right to threaten Lithuania, and Moscow alone is responsible for the consequences of an unjustified invasion of Ukraine,” said Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the area was under Russian control.
Lithuania, with the approval of the European Union, has decided to “take the province of Kaliningrad hostage,” condemned Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Duma’s International Affairs Commission. Although Moscow has not yet commented on the nature of the retaliation, the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, warned that it could react by blocking the transport of Lithuanian goods to the Baltic region. “If you look at the map – you see that the Baltic states, their ports and their transport system can not do without Russia,” he said.

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14 missiles

Meanwhile, the bombing continues. The Russians seem to have brought the attention back Odessa It, yesterday, was the target of several attacks and destroyed the food warehouse. Moscow forces fired 14 missiles, many of which were repelled by Ukrainians. However, according to the Kiev Defense Ministry, Russia plans to capture Lukansk by Sunday. Pro-Russian plaintiffs claim that Tshikovka captured the western bank of the Shivarsky Donets River. From there they may break through the defensive lines and try to launch a decisive attack on Lysychansk, where President Volodymyr Zelensky paid a secret visit yesterday to “see for himself how the situation is developing” and encouraged troops on the front lines. Severodonetsk, on the other hand, is now in operation in the hands of Moscow, although the armed blockade is in the possession of the guards of the Azot chemical plant, which has been banned from more than 500 civilians, including about forty children in bunkers.


Yesterday, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed what he feared for several days: the captured Americans in Ukraine were “mercenaries” – he froze the United States -. They have to pay the price for the “crimes” they have committed and the “security of the Geneva Convention regarding prisoners of war cannot be trusted”.

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