Moscow: “Washington on brink of open conflict between nuclear powers”. He then announces a meeting on wheat with Kiev and the UN in Istanbul

US announced aid to Kiev: 1.7 billion

America announced 1.7 billion New humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The new funding for Kyiv came from the US Agency for International Development, the Treasury Department and the World Bank, reads a note from USAID. The purpose of the new aid package is to “mitigate the effects of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s massive budget deficit caused by a brutal war”.

Ukraine becomes an associate member of NATO MIP

Ukraine becomes an associate member A versatile project (Mip), which activates Technical cooperation between the forces of NATO member states. The news agency announced this Ugrinform Refers to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The decision was taken after a specific vote at the annual meeting of the MIP Steering Committee. Henceforth, Ukraine, as an associate member of the MIP, will be able to jointly develop and adapt key NATO standards related to interaction of combat control systems and related parameters, as stated in the Declaration. “Ukraine has strong information technology capabilities and is a worthy NATO ally. We will definitely contribute to the development of collective security,” the Defense Minister commented. Oleksii Reznikov. “Granting Ukraine membership status in the multilateral interoperability program is an important decision. We are grateful to our German partners for supporting our request and our aspirations,” the colonel underlined. Marat Udyushev, head of the Center for Defense Technology Innovation and Development. “Ukraine can now strengthen cooperation with the alliance and countries outside NATO,” he concluded.

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Mayor of Melitopol: “Russian military base is on fire”

is burning in the village of Myrnof the district Melitopol, site of the military unit of the Ministry of Emergencies. This was announced by the city mayor Ivan Fedorov on his Telegram channel.

Lukashenko: “Russia is fending off an attack from the West”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He repeated that the West was planning an attack on Russia, but offered no evidence. According to Lukashenko, the Russian military must deter the attack. Meanwhile, they have resumed in Belarus Exercises Military. They will last from July 12 to 14. Online media reports this Belda.

Moscow: “Washington on brink of open conflict between nuclear powers”

“After escalating the Ukrainian crisis and unleashing a violent hybrid conflict with Russia, Washington And his allies stand in a precarious position Astounding On that dayedge of one Military conflict Opened with Our countryMeans direct armed conflict between Nuclear forces. Clearly, such a conflict would risk triggering a nuclear escalation”. A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry underlined this Maria ZakharovaAccording to the report Tax.

Kiev: “Russian general dies in attack on Novaya Khakovka”

Russian general Nazbulin Last weekend was killed in a Ukrainian attack in the Kherson region, which also hit the Moscow headquarters: the press secretary of the head of the Odessa regional military administration said in a telegram, Sergei Bradchuk, Quoted Ukraine today. “There is information about the dismantling of another Russian general after the missiles (launched by the systems) HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, Ed) hit the headquarters in the Kherson region (at Novaya Khakovka). “The chief of staff of the 22nd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces (Military Division 73954, Simferopol), Major General Nazbulin went to hell,” Bratchuk wrote.

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“The Pope will definitely go to Kiev”

“The pope will now go to Canada,” said Monsignor Paul Gallagher, Vatican secretary for relations with states, when pressed by reporters on the sidelines of a presentation on the pope’s possible trip to Kiev. Asked if there could be a visit to Kiev, not Moscow, he replied: “The Pope will certainly go to Kiev, we don’t know when and how”. Asked further if Francis wanted a dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he replied: “We have contacts with the embassy, ​​which is our channel of communication like the embassy”.

Moscow: “23 British and 160 Polish mercenaries killed”

Dozens and dozens of “foreign mercenaries” were killed in Ukraine in three weeks, including “more than 160 Poles, 50 Georgians and 23 British”. This was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry, which urges foreign fighters to “think twice and go home alive”, warning that those caught face maximum prison terms.

Putin-Erdogan-Raisi meeting on July 19

The presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Tehran next week for a summit on Syria and bilateral talks on the conflict situation in Ukraine. This was announced by the Kremlin. “President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Iran is being prepared for July 19,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, adding that he would have a meeting with Iranian Prime Minister Ibrahim Raisi and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Syria. In a bilateral meeting with the latter.

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