‘Multiple sources’ say Sony is buying Square Enix, allegedly

Remember when There has been a lot of talk about the acquisition of Sonyspecifically industry veterans Jeff Grob and Greg Miller? Both were talking about Square Enix. “When I talked about the three rumors I heard, and one of them was an acquisition, those are the rumors I heard,” Miller finally revealed in one of his episodes. Note: I love you Audio notation. “I heard that PlayStation was acquiring Square and I heard that from many different sources.”

How, then, this rumor was doing the rounds but Didn’t hear a peep About buying the Embracer Crystal Dynamics et al set? Miller hypothesizes that some wire may have been bypassed: “Was it that Square was trying to sell their Western studios and that was the rumor? Take everything with a grain of salt. That’s what I heard, though, that PlayStation was trying to buy Square” .

As Miller rightly points out later in the podcast, anything is possible in this age where publishers love Activision Blizzard Acquired for Approximately $70 Billion. But here’s the thing: When acquisitions actually happen in the industry, we just Start Find out when the ink dries. That’s because business deals of this magnitude are mired in numerous non-disclosure agreements that are unimaginable to “insiders” on social media.

In other words, the next time you see a major rumor about buying a large company, we recommend that you approach it with the heavy help of skepticism.

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