“My Luca dies of ALS after 45 years after hard fight”

Agna – “Luca fought to the end and did not lose his wonderful something smile Family was everything to him and he fought for us like a warrior till the end because he loved his two daughters and me unconditionally. Speaking like this in tears, with such strength and courage Elena Bertoccowife Luca Jago45, died following an aggressive form Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisALS


The first symptoms manifested themselves in April 2020, with a simple symptom inflammation This created operational difficulties, which unfortunately came after a thorough investigation Diagnosis Degenerative neuromuscular disease forced Luca off within a few months Recovery Haste first to Schiavonia and then to Casa Breda in Padua, where he followed his last months, where he married Elena last December 7, in the presence of his two daughters Rachel and Greta. The organization is active in the Prusekana area, a green oasis outside the city. Yet his wife, Elena, recalled: “Luca faced this disease Dignity and great courage, he was an example to us all, and will always remain in the hearts of those who knew him for the good of his soul and his happiness. For me, he is definitely the love of my life, before leaving me, he promised to look for me in another life, he is a wonderful husband and father, caring, always with his daughters and me, a great man. A great friend to the worker and those who know him ยป.

He is a creator

In fact, the 45-year-old hasn’t lost his good humor and will to live despite his rapid progression. Slaw: In recent months he has interacted with his loved ones and friends with a visual mouse and has not failed to make his good people. Jokes, good-naturedly joking about his physical condition. An employee of Plastotecnica di Bagnoli, he worked at the Pernumia plant, where he liked it so much that the owner of the company bought him a ladder to allow him to go to work, a choice he could not enjoy. Deep condolences from friends Catia BarettaCouncillor Acne: “Luca was a creator, in love with his family and work, he was always ready for charitable activities in our country.” The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning at 10 am at Agna Church.

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