News about Ukraine-Russia war today | US Embassy to Americans: “Exit Ukraine immediately”. Zelensky: “Two hundred thousand Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russians”

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Friday July 15 news, live. OSCE report documents Russian war crimes

• War in Ukraine al 142nd day.
• Dmytro Butriy, acting head of the Kherson regional military administration, says 44 positions in the region have been liberated.
• Death toll from rocket attack in Vinnytsia rises to 23, 39 still missing.
• Former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has attacked the US for saying their empire is coming to an end.

08:28 – Olena Zelenska: I tell pacifists that Russia is raping my country

(Greta Prividera) Children’s fireworks and balloons are banned in Kyiv. Now even a storm scares us because there should be no boom in the city, he says Olena Zelenska, 44, from a secret hideout in the capital. I can’t imagine the fear of sudden thunder. There have been heavy thunderstorms for the past few weeks and even the adults were scared. At 5 a.m. on February 24, when the First Lady was in bed, she felt the first surge of her life. But if you’ve never been to war, a giant explosion that wakes you up isn’t necessarily a Russian military missile hitting your country. More likely to be crackers.

Like 44 million other Ukrainians, he remembers the moment he lost his composure. For her, running from the bedroom to the living room coincided with the sight of her 44-year-old husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, who finally told her in civilian clothes: began. The following months were a series of unstoppable horrors. Kiev, Bucha, Mariupol, Azovstal under bombs. More than four thousand civilians died and 12 million refugees. Zelenska – architect, screenwriter, writer – considers herself lucky. On the evening of February 24, her husband returned home and told her: You and the children must go. She quickly packed a suitcase and left Kiev with her children Kyrillo, 9, and Oleksandra, 17. He had no choice: it was the second target of Putin’s army. For the next two months, he saw Zelensky alone on television, wearing a camouflage shirt, walking among the ruins of theaters, homes, and schools, in video conferences with world leaders. A native of Kiev, he hid in houses with sandbags on the windows – as can be seen from the cover photo, part of the exclusive service for 7 – and did not ask much on the phone to avoid being geolocated.

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Full interview here, on the 7th

08:27 – GB, more than 2.5 million people evacuated to Russia

Since the invasion began, More than 2.5 million people were deported from Ukraine to Russia. Moscow continues to be accused of forcibly deporting Ukrainians, and in many cases Ukrainians are said to have been mistreated in Russian-run filtration camps. British Ministry of Defense intelligence said in a recent update on the progress of the war in Ukraine.

08:22 – Death toll from missile attack in Vinnytsia rises to 23.

The death toll from a Russian missile attack on Vinnytsia, a city southwest of Kiev, has risen to 23 (including three children). More than 100 people were injured in the attack. Three Russian missiles hit an office building and damaged residential buildings. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called it an act of terrorism.

08:19 – Kiev, 17,314 attacks on civilians and 300 military targets so far

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has launched 17,300 attacks on civilian targets When more than 300 people attacked military targets: Yevhen Yenin, the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said this, according to Ukrinform. Recently we have seen attacks on civilian targets. “I specifically asked for a brief report on how many Russian missiles hit military targets and how many civilian targets,” Yenin said. In comparison: since the attack, there have been 17,314 attacks on civilian targets and just 300 on military targets.

01:06 am – US Embassy for Americans, leave Ukraine immediately

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev asked Americans in Ukraine Exit immediately A country that uses private means of transport from land If there is a chance to do it Security. This can be read in the emergency notice on the embassy’s website. Americans are being advised not to travel to Ukraine and those unable to leave the country are being advised to avoid Gatherings and organized events where gods are considered goals By Russia.

00:05 – USA, we do not block the sale of agricultural equipment in Moscow

The United States announced on Thursday They won’t stop Selling agricultural equipment to Russia, refusal Accusations According to that of Moscow Western barriers And not the invasion of Ukraine Food crisis Universal. The US Treasury Department said no.Don’t interrupt Transactions related to the manufacture, sale or transport of agricultural equipment also explain that you are not barred from selling agricultural products as fertilizers. Medical devices and tests for Covid-19. The American sanctions His answer was against Russia War Unprovoked and unjustified sanctions against Ukraine will not prevent trade in agricultural and medical products, the Treasury Department note said. Putin has He strangled Food and agricultural production and consumption Food how A weapon of war destruction of storage, processing and testing facilities; It points to the theft of grain and agricultural equipment and the effective blockade of Black Sea ports.

11:31 pm – Ukraine, Osse report documents Russian war crimes

A A new relationship Confirmed by the OSCE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Russian Armed Forces have committed acts in Ukraine that can be defined as Crimes against humanity. The report, released Thursday, is CNN’s latest document regarding possible war crimes committed by Russian forces. OSCE experts who drafted the report traveled to Kyiv and met with Ukrainian officials, as well as in Bucha and Irbin. Serious violations International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Conventions.

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Report, we read and found out A reliable source Some forms of violent acts documented repeatedly during the conflict, such as killings, kidnappings or Mass deportations Civilians qualifies as a widespread or systematic attack on a civilian population. The report was written by the OSCE Mission 1.3 million He said there was evidence that Ukrainian citizens were being deported to Russia against their will and that tens of thousands of civilians were being held in so-called filter centers before being transported to Russian-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.

Roughly 2,000 children From various Orphanages And the children were allegedly transferred to institutions in Russia, even though they had living relatives, who were in institutions only for medical treatment, the report said. Michael Carpenter, the US ambassador to the OSCE, said the report gives us an opportunity to step back and document Unthinkable crimes Atrocities, human rights violations and abuses committed by members of the Russian forces.

17:06 – Zelensky, Russians kidnapped about 200 thousand Ukrainian children

There is the Russian Federation Kidnapped and brought from Ukraine approx 200,000 children. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this in his speech at the international conference held in The Hague. Ukrinform reports it. How many children were abducted by Russian forces from Ukraine is still being determined. The initial alarming number: about two hundred thousand children, he noted. Because of that, Zelensky pointed outRussian occupationTens of thousands of Ukrainians were killed, tortured and maimed and millions were deported to Russia.

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