Nintendo confirms the release of a new Switch console

Nintendo has confirmed that it has released a new Nintendo Switch console to counter the hack that targeted the system. When exactly this new version of the console was released, and what exactly improvements it made, we don’t know, but its release was confirmed during a trial that included Nintendo hacker and Team Xecuter Gary Bowser. The trial ended with a 40-month prison sentence for the latter, and now some documents from the case have surfaced online, revealing more details and insights, including the aforementioned console word.

“Nintendo had to release a new version of our hardware in response to one of these hacking tools, and this mod required countless hours of engineering, tweaks to our global manufacturing and distribution chains, and of course the corresponding resources,” Nintendo said. Control unit. “To be clear, these effects are a direct result of Defendant and Team Xecutor attacking our technological protection measures.”

Again, that’s how much information we have about the Nintendo console. To the average consumer, these changes seem irrelevant, but the entire ordeal has apparently been a major headache for Nintendo, which explains why they pursue Bowser as aggressively as they did. In fact, Nintendo noted that it took this issue very seriously in order to send a message.

As for when the model was released, it hasn’t been revealed, but it’s believed to have happened back in 2018, which means if you buy the Switch after that, you’ll get the new and improved model. If you buy one during the year of launch, you won’t.

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