“No talks in the Azov battalion, they are war criminals”

The head of the Russian delegation did not consider the army at the steel plant subject to negotiations. The wife of one of them: “Desperate, ready for the final battle”

Bombs against steel plant –

The Russians reportedly fired fire or phosphorus bombs at the Azovstal steel plant. Ukrainian media have reported that the mayor’s adviser, Petro Andryushchenko, has condemned the move. “On Saturday, the invaders used phosphorus or fire bombs for the first time against Mariupol’s bodyguards,” Andryushchenko wrote in the telegram. 2.5 thousand degrees Celsius.

“No hope” –

Prohibited men at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol “lose hope and prepare for the final battle”. Katrina, the wife of a soldier from the Azov Regiment, told a news conference. “They rarely get to the surface. Most of the time they sit in bunkers. They are desperate because they have no hope of salvation. They are preparing for the last battle because they do not believe in a diplomatic solution,” he said. Added according to UNIAN reports.

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