North Korea, Kim: “Expanding base for launching rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles”

Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un Visited Sohe satellite launch siteSatellite and missile launches at test site and west coast, hears Expansion And this Modernization. Reports KcnaAccording to the country’s public news agency, Kim “announced the task of learning and evaluating the current situation and modernizing and expanding it so that various rockets can launch multi-purpose satellites, including military reconnaissance.”

Kim added, “Kim has also established work to build some structures.” Let’s start “Large carrier rockets“,” The leader also set aside work to launch the launch site and the public meeting and facilities for rocket and satellite testing. These tasks include “creating additional facilities Injection And this Distributor Off Fuel And this Modernization Parts of the launch control structure and key technical stations. “ Black leather jacket Pilot model e Dark sunglassesProvides guidance on “Site Capacity Expansion Issues”, including the best solutions for transporting carriers and the best solutions for protecting the environment “around the launch site”.

Viewers see Pyongyang claiming space development as part of its efforts to improve its ICBM capabilities. The Sohae site has been used in the past to launch satellites into orbit and test various missile technologies, including stationary engines and space launch vehicles, similar to those used for intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to experts in Seoul and Washington. There South Korea They United States He concluded that the development tests of the North Korean “spy satellite” on February 27 and Saturday were for a verification purpose. New intercontinental ballistic missile system.

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