North Korea launches missile 170 km from Japan Tokyo and US reactions: “provocation, risk of instability”

On Joe Biden Arriving in Europe, high voltage returns to North Korea. Pyongyang A. Launched Intercontinental ballistic missile In the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan. This was announced by the President of South Korea Moon J-InExpressing disappointment at the end of the National Security Council meeting, he said, “For violation Self-imposed ban by Pyongyang“Tests and the UN, for its part, revealed that the Seoul missile had undergone a rotation of missiles.”Strategic“The answer to the test from land, sea and air North KoreaIt has been very powerful since 2017.

The missile is 170 km from Japan. The Japanese Ministry of Defense has described the missile as Pyongyang Approximately collapsed 170 km From the beaches of the province Amori, Northwest of the archipelago. A distance to be inside Exclusive Economic Zone (G). Sources of the Ministry on Public Television Nhk The bullet has reached an altitude of 6,000 km, so a Intercontinental ballistic missile.

China’s intervention – One month after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Korean battlefield has reopened. And Cine takes advantage of the opportunity to invite all parties To carry out the process“We hope that all parties concerned will pay attention to the general situation of peace and stability on the peninsula,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said. Wang Wenpin. At the Daily Conference he further expressed confidence that “they are following the right direction of dialogue and consultation and are cooperating to advance the process for a political solution to the Korean Peninsula problem”.

US and Tokyo reactions – The move comes on the day of the NATO meeting Brussels With the President of the United States பிடன் And with the extraordinary presence of the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida. North Korea’s action against Kishida “Irresponsible“And”Unacceptable“The Japanese prime minister has repeatedly said he wants to ensure coordination in response to provocations Pyongyang Is in violation of UN resolutions. He said Japan would work with the United States South Korea, According to the Tokyo media – further sanctions on North Korea after the missile landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The launch of the North Korean missile also provoked the reaction of the Americans. Blatant violation of several resolutions Raises the United Nations Security Council and unnecessarily TensionsThere is a chance To disrupt Security situation in the region “.

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Korea Tests – The launcher continued his artillery exercises for four days Pyongyang And last week (failed according to Seoul) an apparent long-range missile system was launched. However, these are further indications of the state’s desire to initiate a permanent cycle Provocative acts After he threatened in January, protracted talks with him came to a standstill United States In the nuclear weapons document to lift the self-imposed ban on nuclear weapons tests and ICBMs a few years ago.

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