North Stream 2 The gas pipeline at the center of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine has been blocked.

The story of the giant submarine “Gas Pipe” in “Quarta Repubblica”

At the center of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine Is there Nort Stream 2Massive submarine gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea: The dual mission of Nort Stream 1, which came into operation ten years ago, was built by the Russian gas company Gasprom in partnership with various European companies. Leading to Europe 55 billion cubic meters of gas. This may be due to the fact that the work is currently stalled due to bureaucratic problems. TO “Fourth Republic” Geopolitical Analyst Tario Fabri However he acknowledged that there were other interests behind the suspension: “The new gas pipeline is America’s nightmare – he declared – because it reflects the much – feared rigidity between Russia and Germany.

Nort Stream 2 Today, with rising prices, the bridge between Russia and the heart of Europe is becoming a weapon of intimidation in the Ukrainian crisis: Says.

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