Now the country will pay its price –

The resignation leader’s downfall begins with an original sin that marks his entire story: in 2016, the decision to side with Leave.

wrong Boris Johnson? I took the best of English and brought out the worst. Comedy turned to buffoonery. Comprehension, unconsciousness. Pride, exhibition. Realism, cynicism. Courage, bravery. Preparedness, development. Eccentricity, contempt for rules. Reluctance, repeated lies. This is Boris Johnson’s fault. The rest is an effect.

The resignation leader’s downfall begins with an original sin that marked his entire story: The End, in 2016.Indulging the nostalgic urges of a section of the nation, side by side on leave Brexit Win and the United Kingdom leaves the EU. Among Leave supporters, there were leaders who actually believed it. Not Boris Johnson. International by education, European by culture, the Mayor of London is open to the world, He dropped his hopes when he realized Brexit would allow him to aim for the prime ministership.. Bad precedent, for sure. But what happened next exceeded all expectations.

After tumultuous years, re-election (in 2019) resulting in public spending and bombshell promises, the conduct of government affairs has gradually slipped into farce. First, during epidemics, i Wine party in Downing Street, when the country was under lockdown. The appointment of Christopher Fincher, known for some sexual harassment, as Deputy Speaker of Parliament (also known to Boris Johnson, who has denied it). Pincher He fell again: a dead drunk, caught two men after a party. “Pincher” means “pincher” in English: to make fun of. It took Fifty (!) ministers, deputy secretaries resigned And senior officials called for Johnson to resign: The government no longer has the numbers to function. Until finally the new Houdini – another of his nicknames – tried to free himself from the chain, but this time he did not make it. He couldn’t do it.

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The disgraced Boris J overthrew England – he wrote Economistanger – He also destroyed the good things he had done: Procurement of anti-Covid vaccines, decisive support for Ukraine. Other leaders have represented a deep nationalism, and cynically exploited and betrayed it. Think of the American Uber Donald Trump
, and the problems he made; Or to Vladimir Putin, spokesman for the Russian soul. Boris Johnson’s case is not so devastating, but it illustrates well how vulnerable democracies are in the hands of cynics and barkers. The British Conservative Party – home of the Tories, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher – will foot the “Boris bill” for a long time. Perhaps with electoral defeat, certainly with a stain on reputation.

Will tradition and resilience be enough to revive Britain? Probably yes, but it will take time. There is a war, an epidemic is lurking and the social and economic problems are serious: low growth, low productivity, the highest inflation of the G7, the pound is falling. Of course, however, the good news – courage, realism, pride, immediacy, understatement – can do a lot and do it well. Everything is possible. Who knows, maybe one day it will be back under the blue flag of the great European family.

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