Omurbekov became the first Russian officer to be convicted of murder and rape

Azad Beck OmurbekovCommander of the 64th Regiment Russian Nicknamed the “Butcher” of motor-fitted fusilliers புச்சா“Because he was accused of being in the lead Massacres And Rapes Performed by the military E In the town ofUkraine North, promoted by Putin. The news agency reported Agent According to it, Omurbekov received more gallons per gallon than the previous lieutenant colonel.

Pucha’s butcher was blessed by the Orthodox bishop, but it would be difficult to take him to The Hague Court

Putin promotes “Bucha’s butcher”

According to international reports, Omurbekov oversaw the atrocities in Pucha. Those under his command were charged with collective rape, torture and mass execution of civilians. His promotion comes after he presented the Jar Thane Award for “valor, bravery, courage and bravery” to the regiment he led.

Because he was promoted

The official reasons for the Colonel’s promotion are not clear. They are probably linked to the “success” of the actions taken. It is true that the regiment was approved Kremlin “Defeated more than 50 enemy attacks using tanks, infantry vehicles and heavy artillery.” Currently, Omurbekov and his men – according to the latest reports – are fighting. DonbassThe new front of the Russian offensive.

Pucha atrocities

In other cities around Pucha and Kiev (accusing Ukraine of committing atrocities) Russian authorities have always denied that their soldiers killed civilians, but today thereThe United Nations surveillance mission in Ukraine documented the brief execution of fifty people in a city outside Kiev. The United Nations Human Rights Council has called the war in Ukraine a “horror story of civilian atrocities” where respect for international law is “reserved.” UN investigations in Ukraine show that what happened in Pucha was not an isolated case and that more than 300 illegal killings have been reported in the country. Violations documented by the UN surveillance mission include sexual violence, indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and infrastructure, and the detention, mistreatment, and torture of civilians and prisoners of war, as well as the killing of all involved in the conflict.

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