Only two countries have not yet started vaccinations

To date, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), only two countries in the world have not yet launched a vaccination campaign against the corona virus: North Korea and Eritrea. North Korean officials continue to argue that the epidemic has never occurred in North Korea, and that the stricter restrictions imposed since the first cases were discovered in China seem to be the only tool used to counter the spread of the virus. Effects. In Eritrea, like most countries on the African continent, a fourth wave of the epidemic is underway, but the country’s authorities are reluctant to cooperate with international aid agencies.

In September, the regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un He refused Nearly 3 million doses of the vaccine, developed by Sinovak, a Chinese biotechnology company provided by UNICEF as part of the COVAX program, are aimed at making vaccines accessible to poorer countries. North Korea has argued that other countries need it more. In early July, the country rejected about 2 million doses of the Astrogeneca vaccine, citing side effects, as well as various doses of the Sputnik V vaccine made in Russia over the same period, and it is unclear whether he accepted it.

In recent months, the COVAX project He set aside 4.73 million doses of the corona virus vaccine, manufactured by AstraZeneca, are due to be shipped to North Korea, yet it continues to be reluctant to accept: Despite strong suspicions that the epidemic has never reached the country, officials continue to argue that it is possible to manage. Contagion “In their own way, I.e., isolated from the rest of the world and not vaccinated. However, the severe effects of the restrictions, which have been in place for two years, have been visible for some time.

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In order to prevent the spread of the disease, the North Korean regime decided to close its borders as the first cases were detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Really gives up Exchange of goods with China, the only major economy maintaining good relations with North Korea. However, the closure of the border has not only prevented the import of food items, but also the import of fuel and fertilizers for agriculture, which exacerbates the problems. According to the South Korean newspaper Daily NK, There is evidence within North Korea that today middle-class North Koreans eat two meals a day instead of three, and the country’s economic situation is “clearly deteriorating.”

Professor Park Van Gogh is an expert in North Korean studies at Ewha University in Seoul. He said on American radio E It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. From some satellite imagery, it appears that North Korea is developing various sanitation facilities aimed at facilitating imports from China: as he noted EHowever, these efforts do not completely solve the problems, and in recent years China itself has begun to introduce. Very heavy Restrictions To control the spread of infection, Putting the global trade network even more in crisis.

According to the World Health Organization, Eritrea is another country in the horn of Africa that has not yet started vaccinating its population against the corona virus.

Eritrea is the only country on the continent – as the Africa CDC – Africa’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly pointed out – is the international body that coordinates African countries in the fight against disease and epidemics. And the vaccination campaign has not yet begun. Tanzania and Burundi were the last two African countries to accept the help of the international community and approved the administration of the vaccine at the end of July. Despite the fourth wave of epidemics in the country, Eritrea has not yet done so.

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According to Relationship More recently than the CDC in Africa, the epidemic has reached its fourth wave in most African countries, including Eritrea and its two largest neighbors, Ethiopia and Sudan. In other East African countries, including Kenya and Somalia, the fifth wave is underway. From December 6 to January 2, cases of epidemics across the continent increased by 36 percent compared to the previous four weeks and deaths by COVID-19-related causes increased by 8 percent. At the time of the analysis, published on January 6, The Different Omigron Corona virus, responsible Large increase in epidemics in Europe And in other parts of the world.

I Information There have been about 8,500 cases of infection so far in Eritrea and 84 deaths due to Govt-19-related causes in a population of about 6 million, with about fifty new cases being diagnosed every day in the last week. Nevertheless, according to UNICEF, the country is one Good vaccination system Eritrea has not yet adopted the vaccines proposed by the COVAX program against other diseases during epidemics: according to some activists and researchers Quotes Yes Sub, The causes are mainly political, partly linked to international pressure Conflict in the Tigre region of Ethiopia, And accepting the vaccines as part of the program will increase the influence of Western countries on the country.

As of January 6, 9.8 million corona virus infections (3.3 percent of worldwide cases) and 230,000 deaths had been confirmed across Africa, according to the report. However, only 9.6 percent of the African population is fully vaccinated. Last December 30th Most African countries have not exceeded the WHO target of 10 percent of the fully vaccinated population set in September. The WHO has recently set a new target of vaccinating 70 percent of the population in all African countries by June 2022, but due to poor health services, lack of funding and low availability of vaccines, forecasts are not optimistic.

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