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Dmitry Klukowski, the best-selling author in Russia, was chased by an arrest warrant: in this article, he explains how a generation that did not experience the brutality of the purges, without seeing the courage to protest, sees fascist sliding.

Dmitry Klukovsky has been the best-selling author in Russia for the past 10 years, and is one of the most popular writers among young people due to a post-apocalyptic story created by the highly successful video game. Now – As Marco Imarisio wrote, here – An arrest warrant for contempt of the Russian military is pursued: a crime punishable by ten to fifteen years in prison. This is the text of his latest article.

My generation does not know the oppressions and mass cleansings, the angry mob does not see the mock trials demanding to shoot the traitors of the homeland, it does not breathe the global horror situation, does not learn to change, from evening to morning, his beliefs, in the good intentions of yesterday’s allies, justify the fratricidal war To rely on command for the purpose.

My generation did not exist during the moral and military precursors of the two world wars.

The Soviet Union as we know it has already become a quiet talker: now those who refuse to believe its basic lies are not sentenced to death, but rather allow citizens to start private debates among themselves, sitting quietly. Kitchen. He did not ask for more fanfare when the heads of those accused of being “enemies of the people” were rolling.

However, Everyone who knew the past was not at all happy to remember it, and now we understand why. Because Survival, in such circumstances, requires a compromise with oneself above all elseWith their own conscience.

Yes, we had to step back, yes, we had to clap too, and someone was forced to carry out the execution to avoid ending up on the gallows. People don’t want to remember these things and, more specifically, they don’t want to admit what happened. It took courage not only to protest, but also to abstain, and to have the courage to rememberThen, you too – perhaps more than once – choose to act to escape the threat posed to your head.

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Today, for us and those of my generation, things are happening that we could not have imagined live on television.

We are amassing an amazing experience: an opportunity to understand why our grandparents remained silent and endured, why entire nations fell into the abyss of insanity, and why people turned a blind eye to the tyrants who waged wars. Some climbed the gallows without saying a word, while others accepted the task of lowering the knife.

Today we see with our own eyes how to transform other human beings into inhumans before destroying them: Mockery, slander, defilement of their words and motives, denial of the dignity of being perceived and acted upon as human beings.

We are well aware of how hunters hide themselves: the wolf tears off the skins of sheep and disguises himself. We learn to cultivate in our soul Ignorance of injustice when it happens clearly before our eyes: It does not bother us, maybe we will not experience the consequences, keep your distance and do not play with fire. Above all, how you feel sympathy and compassion for all human beings on this earth! We learn to be with the aggressor, not sympathize with the victim. If you take the side of the hunter, you will feel as if you are on his side, next to him, close to him. It’s like being attached to a shark: there’s nothing to be afraid of, in fact, we can take advantage of some piece of meat that comes out of its sharp teeth.

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We learn to close our eyes The madness of holding our rulers and sharing their positions.

As an assistant ne Good soldier Sweek Through Jaroslav Hašek, who absorbed the nonsense of the commander and became his own, we too have become accustomed to drinking their perverse conspiracy theories and to their taste, and today we are shouting for a new dose.

After all, if you do not trust them, who should you trust?
Isn’t it better to eat shit than to go to bed thinking your life is in the hands of an unleashed madman?
Is there such a thing as collective madness?

Yes, now we know how to close our mouths, turn our backs, bow our heads, and hold on to thoughts. In order not to live in fear, not to feel cowardly or enslaved, we must learn to firmly believe that until recently all of us seemed a lie. We must learn to cheer when the enemies of the nation are killed, to listen to the speeches of our rulers and to receive the thrill of pleasure, to clap our hands in order, and to march together with full confidence. We must cheer the wars and celebrate the bloodshed. Finding explanations and justifications, intoxicated by the betrayal of our brethren and the terrible revenge against them. Because our country is moving towards a fascist dictatorship, pretending not to notice, we may not realize it.Following in his own footsteps, towards a destiny, alas, we all know better.

We do not want to investigate the past because we are convinced that we left it. We thought that those horrible and terrifying feelings would be buried forever in the pages of history books. Yet, the number of demons who impose hatred, defraud the law and claim rights against us is increasing day by day. They tear the pages of those books and crawl forward to undermine the world in which they live from a dead and buried past. They claim the right to blood and are now being shed by the blood of those who live here. Instead of black and dry blood, with red and warm our blood. We must learn to think in unison and walk with the frame, fearing the curiosity of the neighbor and the noise of the car at midnight; Learn to kiss the symbols and portraits of our leaders with saliva, truly trusting everything declared by the soloists and Tolstoyes of this world to be pure and legitimate truth, and bowing your head in the constant terror of our non-life. : Learning to do everything

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Or learn to do the opposite: protect our memory, think about the future, stop rusting, and refuse to let prisoners of the past live.
Always tell the truth without believing lies.
Raise their voices, argue, believe and fight for our dignity.

We have not yet learned anything from the experience of those who lived and died before us and can do things differently. This is why we have so much more to learn.

(Translated by Rita Baldasr)

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