“Our only hope is Putin”, because Europe is in the hands of the Tsar – Liberto Coutidio

Toni Capuozzo I talked to him Counter current, Rete4 broadcast by Veronica Gentle. As always, the journalist confirmed that he was not aligned with the general thinking about war UkraineIt foretells the role of mediators with Russia as Europe continues to send weapons to the opposition, without abandoning criticism in a way that hurts itself.

I do not see the European political line – Capuozzo declared – The European company has been disintegrating in these three months and more of war. How are we different from the United States? What progress have we made in European foreign policy and general security? There is also a certain amount of confusion about Ukraine’s relations with Europe. Except for the role of mediator in Europe, we have started a position in the war that you can not be a mediator when you give up arms.

“It simply came to our notice then. We must believe that Putin will be satisfied There is no danger in what he takes and what he wants most: one is to control the Donbass, where he has a credible social base, and the other is to control an area hostile to him. We must believe that walking on the ground will stop Putin, not Europe.

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