Parties of Studio 54 assisted suicide in Switzerland –

from Matteo Percivale

New York night king, dead at 82: His legendary parties with the stars, final journey from Los Angeles to Zurich: I’m sick, not this life: I choose a gentle way

There will be no farewell partyHe said he assisted suicide at the last stop before boarding a Los Angeles-Zurich flight. there The gentle waySo he called it, which he had suffered for years from a never-accurately diagnosed neurological disease that robbed him of his ability to walk and express himself in the past six years. Mark Fleishman Died at 82, the famous curls of yesteryear torn by age and disease, but with some light as ever in his eyes and the same caustic New York humor: My wife forced me to go to bed, I could not dress or put on shoes, the ability to speak Now it’s spoiled.

A special place

Fleischman was one of the 1980s nightlife giants: he bought it at the start of the decade, in 1980. Study 54 By founders who were imprisoned (tax receipts not styled All trendy night club: In the year it opened, two of them reported seven thousand dollars in revenue) reopened it in September 1981 and tried to keep the torch of that special place alive.
On the evening of the reopening, there were ten thousand people in line In front of the entrance, at 254 West 54th Street, police had to set up barricades and close the street to traffic, the Oscar winner. Mary Tyler Moore He was out with many celebrities John Belushi and Jack Nicholson were the only ones who managed to get in He took them from behind, through the maze used by the champagne sellers, and who knows what else.

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From Warhol to Madonna

Fleishman organized memorable parties, and the room always had Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Halston, Liza Minnelli, Cher, Grace Jones, Elio Fiorucci. Study 54 He opened it in 1977. Many Hollywood starsArtists and Models, Young Madonna, Children of Life, Champagne and cocaine and colored pills. The recipe for a life lived to the fullest is ten years of long meditation.
Under the neon moon statue A snort of cocaine – the man in the moon, who finished entertaining Las Vegas tourists, can no longer please the child with a spoon – everything happened, to the delight of Fleischmann. When it came to psychotropic substances, he was not afraid of competitorsHe recalled in his autobiography years later.

Endless nights

Studio 54, he wrote, It almost destroyed me too. I might have been home at four or five in the morning when we closed the doors of the club, but I never did. Night after night, I jumped into my limo I go to after-hours clubsOr I stayed at Studio 54, dodging the VIP regulars, actors and the inevitable galaps sent out in search of cocaine. Liters of home-provided drink flowedAnd always keep a Classification of drugs To entertain my guests. Then we sit in my office and talk about our lives. then, At about nine o’clock, rubbing our eyes, we left the dark space of the disco to enter the dazzling light of morning. Ordinary people ran up and down Broadway to work. I was finally on my way home.

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