Pay the deposit but there will be no villa in Forte dei Marmi

Half a million deposits have already been paid and negotiations will end by the end of the summer. Former Juventus coach Andrea Birlow He will finally have the keys to the magnificent villa in his hands Forte Mari, He wanted for months. A dream almost realized, but suddenly bitterly broken. At least for now. Yes, because during the civil court Luke Ordered to seize the property, the 2006 world champion – now a coach in Turkey – could not help but surrender. Little did Birlow know that the Russian oligarch, who is considered one of Putin’s closest aides, was involved in a lawsuit with the real estate company some time ago.


Local villa Versailia, Preferred by the former footballer, is part of a residential complex with two attached luxury homes. Although nothing has been defined yet, the Prussian athlete later confirmed the possibility of a second purchase. On the other hand, he had already fallen in love with the first one a few months ago, when it hit the market. Paid last May 30th Deposit of 500 thousand euros He also promised to pay the bill (6 2.6 million) by August 31. Only then will the house of dreams, one of the most popular destinations for the Italian holidays, definitely be hers. Later, he may have considered the option of obtaining another. After two years of monitoring and negotiations, the entire property complex was purchased by the Russian president in 2020. Through the Forte dei Marmi agency he relied on – specializing in selling luxury homes – he returned to see it at least three or four times. Eventually, he paid a total of 7.2 million and became the owner of two valuable villas.

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The reason

From here, however, legal issues arise that remove Birlow from his dream villa. As reconstructed by Attorney Tomaso Berducelli, Which helps the real estate company, in fact the oligarchy would never have approved the mediation service for the same company, which was equivalent to about 250 thousand euros. The lawyer, therefore, initiated a civil case against him, and the legal tug-of-war still continues. With the onset of conflict between Russia And sanctions against Ukraine and the EU oligarchy, the businessman would have decided to sell everything. Remove assets before seizure. This is why the villa is available again, and Birlow falls in love with the premises and quickly begins negotiations to capture it. But when real estate agents in dispute with the current owner learned that the villas were up for sale, they made a decision to protect themselves. If the sale ends on August 31, the agency will not be able to recover the debt even if the case is won. Attorney Pertuccelli therefore sought to protect the property, which was ordered last Wednesday by Luke Civil Court Judge Michael Fornasieri. Both villas were seized and the villa affair coveted by the former Juventus manager was abruptly stopped. Of course, once the situation is constrained, the opportunity to buy it in the future will remain open. But for now the deal is over, and if Andrea Birlow were the owner of the house, he would still have to wait a long time.

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