“Penalty for Leclerc”: sensational announcement after Silverstone GP

“Penalty for Leclerc”: sensational announcement after Silverstone GP The Monaco driver had another nightmare Sunday

Although he finished fourth after dominating a good part of the GP, the #16 had to enjoy the charges from another rider. Conduct in the finals is a crime.

Ferrari, Leclerc and Sains (Anzaphoto)

It was a dream Sunday Charles Leclerc at Silverstone. Thanks to a great first part of the race, the Monaco driver didn’t have a perfect weekend on his feet. After qualifying in third place, half the race was enough to take first place in the standings, and took advantage of the alleged technical problems. Max Verstappen. Then something jammed, definitely not his fault. box Ferrari Once again he has put his hands on it Monte Carlo. Explanations at the end of the match Mattia Pinotto Not convincing anyone, much less #16 No longer feels protected by the stable that introduced him to the big one Circus. At the end of the race, after staying on the track With hard and worn tires (compared to soft new ones of others) Leclerc He fought as best he could with the other pilots, Hamilton Primarily. Closing at fourth was not an easy task and he had to go beyond the limits to defend himself.

Leclerc added insult to injury: Alonso believed he would be punished

Fernando Alonso (Anzafoto)

Note that it is classified fifth, viz Fernando Alonso. Immediately after the race the Spaniard announced: “I think our final position should realistically have been fourth, because I saw Charles change direction several times in front of Lewis, and I saw what happened to me in Canada (Alonso Bottas was penalized 5” for a similar maneuver, Ed), I think. He has done something wrong and must be punished.

But later The former Ferrari driver wanted to congratulate the other Bishop of the Red teamcountryman Carlos SainzFinally came to win the first race of his career.

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I have to congratulate Carlos on his first win and I’m glad Jo is doing well after that accident. It shows how advanced safety really is in modern Formula 1.”.

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