Photographer Rene Robert fell on the street in Paris. No one helped him for nine hours: he died of hypothermia-

From Stefano Montefiori, reporter from Paris

The death of Swiss photographer Ren Robert, 85, who fell on a busy street in Paris has caused a great stir in France. Killed by negligence, the accusation of his friend Michael Mombontet

funeral rites Ren Robert will take place tomorrow in Pontine, just outside Paris. To congratulate the best friend of the late Paco de Lucia, the photographer, author of fantastic portraits of flamenco stars, Widow and Michael Mombonted, director and journalist who told the story of his death.

Nine hours of agony on the street in the center of Paris: Ren Robert fell to the ground shortly after He left the house at 9pm. No one stood by to help him through the night in the bustling neighborhood near De La Rubblic. The alarm was sounded at dawn by a homeless man He knows what it means to spend the night in the cold. Firefighters rushed Robert to the hospital, but he died of hypothermia shortly after being admitted to the hospital.

The old man was fine, but he did not have to die. Definitely would have gone ahead if someone had blocked itvato, says friend. Ren Robert’s death provides an opportunity to reconsider what became of a city Like Paris, it is like many cities around the world, including Italy.

People lying on the ground, usually homeless, have been renamed aseptic French adjectives SDF (Homeless), There are thousands, their number Development. According to the Abb Pierre Foundation, there are 300,000 homeless people across France. Ten years doubled. There are three thousand people in Paris alone, and if someone is taken to shelters at night, many are on the streets even in winter because there is no space for everyone in the buildings or they do not want to go there themselves.

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The Pharisees were accustomed to seeing a man lying on the ground, even lifeless, on the street. The Many volunteers from the associations are approaching and bringing help, but the general reaction of passers-by is to continue. Even those who did it in the evening and then did it at night On January 19 and 20 they must have seen Ren Robert on the sidewalk at 89 rue Turbigo, in front of the Temple Tunnel stop. They thought he was a regular drinker, ignored him, and then, as always, suppressed guilt for a moment.

Friend Mompontet Refuses to blame them Because I don’t know if I would ever have stopped myself. But indifference kills, we must change and stop looking the other way.

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