PlayStation Spartacus subscription service pricing details have been revealed in the report

In response to Microsoft’s resounding success with its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Sony is said to be working on improving its own service, PlayStation Now, with more games and multiple tier options. Following the unveiling of this new project by Bloomberg late last year, this new project – internally codenamed Spartacus – appears to be nearing completion, as reports regarding its pricing and contents are now beginning to emerge.

According to a recent report VentureBeatPlayStation Spartacus will offer users three levels: Essential, Extra, and Premium. However, according to the report, these names are subject to change before the service launches.

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Supposedly, the first tier in the plan, Essential, will run players $10 and offer a small selection of games each month, unlike PlayStation Plus in its current state. The plus tier starts at $13 and not only comes with these “basic” monthly games, but access to a larger catalog of PlayStation titles similar to PlayStation Now. Finally, the Premium tier includes these two features along with PlayStation Now’s streaming capabilities, Classic Games library, and a new Game Experiences feature, allowing players to try out new games before they buy. However, the report notes that these experiences will likely have a similar time-limit functionality to EA Play. A premium tier subscription is also the most expensive option, with PlayStation users returning $16 per month.

The report states that like the tier names themselves, tier prices are also subject to change. However, this is a general outline of what to expect from Spartacus as of now. Although the software doesn’t offer day one versions, it does help solidify PlayStation Plus and could turn the software into a bigger competitor to Game Pass. After all, last month Xbox reported it had arrived 25 million Game Pass subscribersan astonishing number that can grow rapidly once Activision Blizzard joins the ranks.

Sony is said to be moving into the testing phase of Spartacus in the next few weeks with the goal of announcing the project sometime in March. Exactly when the Spartacus will hit consoles has yet to be decided, although it seems safe to say you can expect it sometime later this year.

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