Poland refuses to perform abortions on Ukrainian refugees

Helsinki – They fled from hell, and they arose in the Middle Ages. Now the phone of Christina Kagpura, a lawyer and director of the “Planning Federation for Families and Women” is ringing non-stop. At the other end of the line, in most cases, is the pessimistic voice of a woman who does not know how to perform an abortion. For years, Polish women have been forced to flee abroad or seek refuge with their mothers due to deadly restrictions on abortion. Or, to voluntary charities that provide all possible assistance. But, during these dramatic weeks, the Ukrainians are joining the poles.

Women fleeing armed invasion. He was raped by Russian soldiers. Shocked by the bombs. And in complicated situations, sometimes more complicated, to continue the pregnancy. But they find themselves in another trench, in a more subtle but less painful battle. And Christina Kagpura can not do even a little.

The Ukrainians left the country of Ukraine, which is now under bombardment, but allowed abortions until the twelfth week, before the Russian invasion. And they descended from Radio Maria and the World Congress of Families into the stronghold of radical Catholicism in Poland. Hillary Marcolis of Human Rights Watch told the Polish media, “Ukrainians are not accustomed to our restrictions: there is a lot of fear and anxiety among them.”

Two million Ukrainians have taken refuge in Poland, 90% of them women and children. The country that crossed the wave of moving unity that did not seem to be broken even after a month and a half of war, changed the laws in favor of their unification and welcomed them with great enthusiasm. However, in a country ruled by Mateusz Morawiecki, abortion can be performed only in very rare cases, even if the fetus dies or is deformed and the mother’s life is in danger. In December last year, an attempt by the ruling party Biz to ban abortion, even in the case of rape or sexual assault, failed. It would have been even more humiliating for the Ukrainian refugees.

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Who knows the police state that came up with the Morawicki government’s freedom killing lawsuits, Justina Whiterjinska, a “borderless abortion” activist, was the first case of a European man jailed for sending morning pills to a woman victim of domestic violence. . One day the woman got scared and called her. She was less than three months pregnant. She did not want to continue the pregnancy: her partner was violent and abused her. “I sympathize with her and she knows what domestic violence is,” he says. Wydrzynska sent her pills in the morning. The violent comrade who called the police intercepted them. The activist was later prosecuted for illegal drug trafficking.

“Since March 1, ninety-nine Ukrainians have already contacted me and asked how to have an abortion or how to take the pill in the morning,” says the activist. When Russian troops were chased out of the suburbs of Kiev and mass graves, massacres and formal, racial rapes erupted, Witrginska learned the news that froze her: “Volunteers who went to Pucha said that raped women were afraid to come to Poland. They know our laws, but they are afraid of them.” Trying to do it in a country devastated by war is an endless sacrifice. © RIPRO

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