Police raid pro-democracy newspaper in Hong Kong: Six arrested

Agents arrested an employee and a former teacher Stand NewsFour former band members, including singer and activist Denise Ho and former MP Margaret Ng. Six could face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $ 5,000 (US $ 640).

The newspaper’s executive director Patrick Lam resigned and all employees were fired. The magazine’s website and its social media pages will no longer be updated and will be removed soon.

The newspaper posted a video on Facebook of police officers interfering in the home of deputy director Ronson Chan. The latter was also the president of the Hong Kong Press Association (HKJA), and he was taken away for questioning. Chan, who was later released, told the media that police had seized his electronic devices, bank cards and identity card.

surgery Has seen the use of more than 200 agents. The police had a warrant to seize relevant news under the National Security Act enacted last year. The order that provoked the arrests refers to crimes such as conspiracy and treason publication introduced during the colonial period. Police also raided the homes of those arrested.

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