Price range in the G7 table, towards the ban on Russian gold – politics

From Fort Elmav, Germany, G7 leaders send a Unity message At the Kremlin address, differences over oil and gas are still unresolved, but confirms a granitic compactness on the battlefield.

“We need to be together on the G7 and NATO”. Putin said he hoped “someone in the G7 and NATO would split, but it did not happen, it will not happen.” Joe Biden According to some German media reports, President Olaf Scholes opened a bilateral exchange in Elma this morning.

“We are united, we are together. This is our clear message to Putin. At the G7 summit, President Joe Biden, it’s good that you are here,” Scholes said in a tweet.

The G7 is on the table Price ceiling. Washington will be interested in the oil limit, but a source on the first day of the summit explains that the issue will go hand in hand with gas prices.

For now, a source in the US administration, among the G7 leaders in Germany, says there is “not much detailed discussion about the price cap on oil prices”. The theme, he explains, “will be discussed in detail by the Sherpas.”

Among the other themes on the table, the lighthouse is in motion Energy and inflation, Biden has announced plans to ban Russian gold imports. But Michael, the head of the EU Council, explained that EU countries must avoid falling victim to sanctions. He called for a deal to get the grain out of the Black Sea ports.

Before the start of the afternoon session of the summit. G7 leaders walk through Elmaw Castle gardens and family photos. By the way, the chairman of the Italian Council Mario Tracy He spoke at length with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Joe பிடன் He chatted with Ursula, the head of the European Commission Van der LionAfter the family photo, Macron spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and landowner Olaf. ScholesAlong the way I had the opportunity to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson And French President Emmanuel Macron They see an opportunity “Change the path” of war In Ukraine, Downing Street reports after a bilateral meeting on the Elmau G7.

Michael in Ukraine, G7: ‘More military and financial aid from the EU’

Van der Leyen: “By the side of Kiev until you need it”
“We will remain with Ukraine as long as necessary. The negative global impact of the Russian war will be at the center of our exchanges on the G7.” European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen wrote on Twitter.

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