Pucha releases new evidence of NYT massacre: This is how the Russians executed Ukrainian prisoners – Video

The New York Times The Russian occupation forces have released new video evidence of the massacre in Pucha, Ukraine. Hundreds of civilians and volunteers were hanged. In a video before March 4, soldiers from Moscow can be seen marching in front of a gun on a street in the suburbs of Kiev. These are 9 Ukrainian volunteers. Some of the prisoners have their hands above their heads, while others hold the belts of those in front and walk with their backs bent. One of the soldiers is asked to command, “Walk to the right, bitch.”

In another unreleased video, the filmmaker’s voice counts to 8 people lying on the ground. The pictures stand there, but 8 witnesses said Times What happened next: Soldiers reportedly take prisoners behind a nearby building converted into a Russian military base and hear gunshots. Prisoners will not return. There is another video to confirm the stories, this time a drone, shot the next day (March 5): bodies can be seen lying on the ground next to the building and two Russian soldiers standing guard near the bodies. One of the prisoners shown in the first video is identifiable among them. According to New York TimesThis is “clear evidence” that the prisoners were captured by Russian troops before being hanged.

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