Putin apologized for Lavrov’s comments about Jews

In the evening, a video showing the area of ​​the steel plant from above is broadcast on the Azov Battalion’s Twitter and Telegram profiles. Azovstal From Like Mariupol. Smoke, fire, bomb columns: There is the anger of the Russians who are still trying at all costs to find the two thousand Ukrainian soldiers who are still resisting. Ignored the “ceasefire”. A few hours ago, the mayor’s adviser, Pedro Andriyushenko, used this stressful but very realistic formula taken by CNN: “If there’s a hell in the world, it’s in Assoc. PutinTalks on the phone with the Prime Minister of Israel BennettHe made a ruthless threat: “The Russia The Azovstel steel plant in Mariupol is ready to guarantee the safe exit of civilians, but the military at the plant must surrender.

However, according to Zhelensky, another 344 were expelled from Mariupol. Last night, the UN announced the start of the third phase of rescue operations. The Azov battalion doctor appealed to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to act as a mediator in the evacuation of the army: “The wounded are dying of a shortage of drugs, and they are dying at my hands.” Of course, the Ukrainians are demanding continued results in other parts of the country as well: claiming that they have regained control of some villages near Kherson and have launched counter-offensive operations in Kharkiv and Isiam (east). Kiev announced: by June we will be able to launch a large-scale counter-attack, because “the first weapons that can stop the enemy will come”. The New York Times reported yesterday: The Ukrainian army was able to kill several Russian generals, thanks to information sent by US intelligence. The White House commented: “The New York Times article is irresponsible. The United States provides ground intelligence to help Ukrainians defend their country. We do not provide intelligence aimed at killing Russian generals.

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One day history books will talk about the war at the steel plant, an unprecedented story, where two thousand Ukrainian soldiers besieged the foundations of an iron plant for weeks, leaving at least 200-300 people stranded with food and water. Lack. Outside is a city now destroyed and controlled by the Russian army, however, unable to capture the last nucleus underground. And tired Ukrainian soldiers – especially the Azov battalion, an extreme right-wing organization, which was joined by some Marines who did not want to surrender – outside, with the whole outside world, thanks to social networks and news. Relaunched on Telegram and Twitter. They document what their last hours were. “For the second day in a row, the Russian army raided the plant. We carry out the following order: Keep security.

Putin’s threats warn Rieti EMEC, headquartered in Moscow

These words precede the night between Wednesday and Thursday. The Russians, who were in the steel mills for the latest attack, sent troops mainly from the Chechen factions and troops from the Donetsk Republic. Last night another video message appeared, in which the protagonist Azov’s deputy commander Svyadoslav Palmer launches an appeal: “Let the civilians out. Leave the wounded soldiers in mortal pain. The Azov profile says:” The attack on Azovstel continues. The military is keeping the plant’s defenses under heavy fire. Uses enemy aircraft, artillery and infantry. But why is the Russian military intensifying its operations for three days against the infidels in Mariupol? However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Putin’s government. This war has accustomed us to distinguish between what the Moscow authorities say and what they actually do. All viewers’ explanation for this acceleration is attached to the regular May 9th date. For that day – celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazism in 1945 – it is urgent to give Putin a decision like Mariupol’s complete control. It is not surprising that the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk were canceled on May 9.

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Threat of landing

In a city that connects the Donbass with southern Ukraine and Crimea, the continuation of the Russian-controlled territories, Mariupol’s underground is also a symbol of lasting tragedy. But Russia continues its offensive in other parts of Ukraine, starting with Odessa and Mykoliv. The script has been tried and tested, almost predictable: anti-aircraft alarm sirens sound almost every evening. That too happened yesterday. Ukraine re-released Pravda news: “There is a threat of enemy landing in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, the Russians are carrying out operations with spy drones and attacks”. The action order of southern Ukraine is asking people not to go near the beaches. Shipping missiles take place mainly from Russian ships in the Black Sea, but aerial bombardments also target daily strategy, railways, electrical systems, and fuel depots: aimed at disabling the shipment of war materials from the West. An oil depot in Makhvika in the Donetsk region of Ukraine was destroyed by fire. Pro-Russian officials in the region have blamed the Ukrainians. In Ivano-Frankivsk, in western Ukraine, the mayor made a plea to the citizens: If you can, leave the city, because we expect violent Russian missile strikes on May 9.

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