Putin launches military operation in Ukraine and threatens: ‘consequences for those who intervene’. – The world

Dozens of people have already been affected by the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Russian troops have entered the country from several parts of the border, including Belarus and Crimea. Heavy explosions and clashes were reported in Odessa, Kharvik, Mariupol, Lviv and Kiev. According to the Ukrainian president, “more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers and about 10 civilians have been killed”, and 18 people, including 10 women, have been killed in the Russian offensive in Odessa. On the other hand, “five Russian planes and a helicopter” were shot down and “about 50 civilians” were killed. Navigation in the Sea of ​​Azov was blocked. Moscow announces: Ukrainian “air defense destroyed”, but condemns “civilian casualties in Donbass”, calls on Kiev civilians to take up arms and donate blood to wounded soldiers.

Firm belief NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “Russia has invaded Ukraine, this is a terrible war, what you have been saying for months has happened. This is a serious moment for us.” The war is in Europe. In the next few days We will send additional troops to the east Thousands of troops have already been sent there. After the invasion of Russia by a non-friendly country, today we implemented the NATO Security Plan, which gives more power to commanders in the field. We are ready, but ours is a preventive alliance, we do not want conflict. Russia has closed the door to a diplomatic settlement. We urgently call on Russia to return to its chosen path of violence and aggression. A. during a meeting of the Atlantic Council Further positioning of land, water and air forces on the left side of the alliance. The response readiness of the committee was also increased.

Ukraine, Zhelensky: ‘Diplomatic relations with Russia are strained’

“Ukraine will win on its own. The world can and should stop Putin: it is time to act,” said Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba after Russia’s announcement of military action. “Putin has launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine: our peaceful cities are under attack, this is a war of aggression,” Guleba said. Ukraine imposes martial law on the country. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zhelensky. “Stay calm and stay at home”: Ukrainian president urges not to panic Kiev also called on the international community to act immediately. “Only united and strong action can stop Vladimir Putin’s occupation of Ukraine,” the ministry added.

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“I live in the center of Kiev. I woke up at dawn to my mom’s phone call and she told me she heard. Four / five explosions Near his home from the Kiev-Borisbil International Airport. The airport and military base in Proverb, my hometown, were attacked, “said Anastasia Mensheka, a 25-year-old architect and designer from Kiev, in a video interview with ANSA.

A Russian bombing in Ukraine has killed at least seven people and injured nine others. Ukraine claims to have killed “about 50 Russian occupiers” “More than 40 Ukrainian soldiers and about 10 civilians were killed.”

President Zhelensky announced that Ukraine had severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky urges citizens of Ukraine to donate Blood“Injured players need this,” he said.
He addressed the bosses, asking them to take care of the employees and make sure the goods are not jammed.

President Lukashenko has said that the Belarusian army did not take part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Between tomorrow and Saturday, according to information known from government sources, it may meet again The Cabinet approved the new deployment of Italian troops, In line with the NATO placing device after the Russian attacks on Ukraine. It is stressed that the results are subject to the High Security Council convened by President Sergio Materella this afternoon.

General Secretary of Ministry of Foreign and International CooperationAmbassador Ettore Francesco Sequei, ha Summoned On the instructions of Minister Luigi Di Maio this morning Sergei Rasov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Italian Republic. Ambassador Sequei-Farnesina conveys to the Russian Ambassador the strong condemnation of the Italian Government for the most serious, unjustified and unprovoked attack by Moscow against Ukraine, which is a clear and clear violation of international law. In a note to the Russian embassy, ​​Moscow’s ambassador to Rome, Sergei Rashov, expressed confidence that Italy would maintain a policy that would be considered to traditionally categorize bilateral relations between Russia and Italy in the context of the Ukrainian context. Rasov called on the Italian side to guarantee the safety of all Russian citizens on Italian territory, including staff of the Russian Federation’s diplomatic missions. “The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, Ambassador Ettore Sequei, “has pledged his cooperation through competent Italian organizations”, the note added.

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Lithuania has declared a state of emergency. “Today I will sign a decree imposing a state of emergency,” Lithuanian President Kitanas Nouda told a meeting of the National Security Council, confirming that the country is ready to “implement NATO’s 4th Amendment”, which provides for a state of emergency. Advise if coalition member is threatened.

Putin Announcing military action in Ukraine, he said he wanted to protect Donbass. Russia’s president has urged Kiev’s forces to surrender their weapons and “go home,” promising that Ukraine will not invade Moscow’s plans, but will militarize the country with a special operation. Russia does not make the same mistake twice in pleasing the West: Vladimir Putin In Ukraine, the Russian president quoted TASS as saying, “We know that Russia will have unprecedented consequences for anyone who tries to create obstacles for us. We are ready for anything. I hope it will be heard.” Further expansion NATO and its use of the Ukrainian territory is unacceptable, Putin added. Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations said Russia was aiming to “come to power in Kiev.” Russia is using “high-precision weapons to destroy Ukrainian military infrastructure.” This was stated by Bloomberg quoting Interfox. Other Russian forces are entering Ukraine from Belarus. “Ukraine’s air defense was suppressed“Russia’s Ministry of Defense quotes TASS.

Are recording Kilometer lines on the border of Ukraine and the Republic of MoldovaFor thousands of citizens who have chosen to leave Ukraine, the European Union is the country most likely to travel to, especially Romania. The pictures from Kiev show all the drama that the Ukrainians enjoyed. Long columns of machines, really stable, all lined up Fear the arrival of the Russian army and leave the city and try to find a safe haven.

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It also condemns Prime Minister Mario Tracy“The attack is unjustifiable. We are close to the Ukrainian people and institutions. We work with European and NATO allies – he adds – to respond immediately, with unity and determination.”

Putin has chosen a planned war that will lead to catastrophic loss of life and suffering. ” பிடன் After the announcement of the Russian president to conduct military operations in Ukraine. The United States and its allies will impose “severe sanctions on Russia”: “We will continue to support and assist Ukraine and its people.” US President Volodymyr Zelensky told the President of Ukraine.

“This is a very sad moment for me to take office as Secretary-General of the United Nations. In the name of humanity, President Putin must bring back Russian troops.” Antonio said Gutteres. “This conflict must be stopped now,” he added: “It is clear to me that this war is meaningless and violates the principles of the UN Charter.” The United Kingdom has condemned Moscow’s military action in Ukraine, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, In a message he declares himself “terrified” by calling it “an unprovoked attack”. President Vladimir Putin – Johnson condemns – “has chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction”. Russian military action is a “blatant violation” of international law. Thus said German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

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