Putin lists spy dolphins to identify submerged bombs and intruders: Russia’s strategy

Two dolphin envelopes will be placed at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol to protect the most important naval base in the Black Sea.

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The dolphins were trained Defend the Sevastopol naval base. This would be a divisive strategy Putin To protect one of the most important military structures of Russia In the Black Sea, but what is the goal? Here is what we know.

Dolphins Listed by Putin: Thanks to Satellite Images

The news was announced by the US Navy (USNI), a private non-profit organization founded in Annapolis in October 1873.

According to Hi Sutton, the hypothesis of the use of dolphins should be confirmed Some satellite images In it you can find deities Floating fences.

It has already been reported that dolphins will be used by Russia 2012Since then, there have been several confirmations of the use of this type of dolphin, Not only in Russia.

Russian-trained dolphins: why they are in sevastopol harbor

Last February, the Russian navy reportedly placed two dolphin envelopes at the entrance Port Sevastopol.

The stabilization would have taken place during the operations leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Trained dolphins will have the task of carrying out real operations against underwater enemies To prevent Ukrainian special forces from infiltrating underwater ports to sabotage warships.

Mammals can also be hired Find weapons. There are other security systems in place to monitor maritime installations on the Sevastopol site, but the command must be used. Any possible evidence.

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Because Sevastopol is a strategic point for Putin

It should not be forgotten that the most important naval base of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea is Sevastopol and it represents. A strategic point for the whole conflict and for Putin (Meanwhile aimed at transnistria)

According to USNI, there are several Russian ships inside the port High strategic value And not only.

There will be boats outside the range of Ukrainian missiles, however The submarine is vulnerable to vandalismAnd for this they must be protected.

Not only Russia: other countries listing dolphins

During the Cold War, the Soviet Navy developed a number of projects Mammals, Including dolphin training in the Black Sea. Based on this unit Kazachia Bukta Near Sevastopol, it still exists today.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, solidarity It went to the Ukrainian army. Despite attempts to run it, it did not work.

With attachment Crimea In 2014, on the Russian side, unity was achieved Under the control of the Russian Navy.

Later, marine mammal projects were expanded Informed in Operational Service.

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Even the Navy Use Has been developing a similar program for some time, again for the purpose Prohibition: The same was chosen by Israel And North Korea.


Photo source: ANSA

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