Putin recognizes Donbass. Kiev calls for tougher sanctions. Draghi: “Unacceptable Violation of Sovereignty” – World

High tensions between Russia and Ukraine After that Moscow recognized the independence of the two Donbass separatist republicsHe sent his troops there. Kiev defends its integrity And the Kremlin accuses: ‘They want to resurrect the Soviet Union, but we are ready to defend ourselves, we will have losses but we will win’. But Putin says: ‘We do not want to rebuild an empire’. Lukansk and Donetsk separatists approve agreement with Moscow, which says 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers are in contact. Chief Drake: “Moscow’s violation is unacceptable Democratic Sovereignty and Territorial Unity of Ukraine “. UN

14.24 In the set of sanctions proposed against Russia in the table of the European Union There are also banks Recognized by Moscow as “sponsor of Russian military operations and other operations in the region”. We read this in a joint note by the European Council and Commissioners Charles Michel and Ursula van der Leyen.

13.05 Russia will continue Uninterrupted gas supply To Global Markets: Vladimir Putin welcomes guests at the Sixth Summit on Gas of the Gas Exporting Countries. Interfax reports it. “The widespread use of natural gas, one of the most environmentally friendly fuels, is very appropriate at this stage. Russia is ready to uninterruptedly supply this energy resource, including liquefied natural gas, to world markets. Increase investment in the existing infrastructure and gas sector,” the Russian president said.

13.01 Vladimir Putin promises you Do not want to rebuild an empire. Interfax reports.

12.26 The EU is on the verge of accepting sanctions “Massive and strong” against Russia after the recognition of the two separatist republics of Donbass. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

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12.19 German Chancellor Olaf Scholes calls for diplomatic efforts “Avoid a catastrophe“In Ukraine, it underscores the importance of diplomacy,” he said, adding that there could be “other sanctions” against Russia.

12.15 pmOK for the first set EU ambassadors have, according to what they have learned, banned imports and exports from Ukrainian separatist organizations, what was done before Crimea, added to the blacklist of names and companies (politicians, military, economy) operators, layers of misinformation) and the Russian “peacekeeping” forces. Any additional personalities among commanders and leaders of separatist republics. The green light – which is not currently the norm, but in principle – is about not recognizing Russian passports issued to citizens of both companies.

Germany suspends accreditation of 12.10 North Stream Pipeline 2. This was announced by President Olaf Scholes.

12.03 Russia recognizes separatist Ukrainian republics within current limits. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the announcement, according to Interfox News.

11.40 The House of Commons (Duma) approves the Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance signed between the Kremlin and the two separatist republics of Ukraine.

11.12 “I am in constant touch with allies to find a peaceful solution to the crisis and to avoid a war in the heart of Europe. The path of dialogue is essential, but we are already defining it within the EU. Actions and sanctions against Russia“So the Chief Mario Tracy At the beginning of his speech at the inauguration ceremony of Franco Frattini in the State Council on the crisis in Ukraine.

11.09 “First I want to express my superiority Definite sentence For the decision of the Russian government to recognize the two separatist territories of Donbass. It’s about one Unacceptable violation of sovereignty Ukraine’s democracy and regional unity. ” Mario Tracy At the beginning of his speech at the inauguration ceremony of Franco Frattini in the State Council.

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10.26 Approx 90,000 residents in self-declared people’s republics Lukansk and Donetsk have entered the Rostov region of Russia, while others are coming, according to the Rostov regional office of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Interfax reports it.

9.43 The “first round of British sanctions against Russia” will be announced today. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that Vladimir Putin is committed to a “full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” The international media has reported this.

9.35 The Parliament of the Lukansk People’s Republic today approved the Agreement on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance with Russia: This was reported by the Russian correspondent Tassin, who attended the session. The approval was unanimously approved by 46 legislators out of 46 who attended the special meeting. The first reading immediately came to the second and last reading.

9.29 “We are confident and at peace. We are ready to defend ourselves and our sovereignty.” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov writes on Twitter following Moscow’s decision to recognize Donbass’ independence. An act by the Kremlin recognizing its aggression against Ukraine.

9.02 “This afternoon we will accept the first sanctions against Moscow”. This was stated by Joseph Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, who is in Paris for the Indo-Pacific Cooperation Forum. Borrell announced that “an informal foreign council will be convened after this forum”, adding that member states are committed to a “consensus vote”. Meanwhile, a meeting of the ambassadors of the 27 member states will begin at 9.30 in Brussels, and after Moscow recognizes the separation of Donetsk and Lukansk, documents on sanctions will be on the table.

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8.35 Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed Last night’s bombing and 12 people were injured: the joint operation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced in a statement issued this morning. The Guardian reports. The document states that Ukraine has recorded 84 ceasefire violations by Russian-backed forces in the past 24 hours, 64 of which were banned by the Minsk Accords.

7.19 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is set to meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send troops to two Ukrainian separatist territories: Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “Even in the most difficult moments … We say: We are ready to negotiate“Jakharova said in a statement on Youtube. As it turns out, the meeting between Blinken and Lavrov is scheduled for Thursday in Geneva.

3.11 “The next few hours and days will be important. The risk of a major conflict is real And should be prevented at all costs. “This was at an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Ukraine. The order to deploy Russian troops in Ukraine is part of a “peacekeeping mission”.

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